September 15, 2018 | Social Media
Content marketing for small businesses

Content is your friend especially if you don’t have the budget to fund an expensive marketing campaign. If you don’t have the funds to run an ad on TV and radio, or perhaps pay for a billboard, then perhaps, you should stick to content. What makes content such a good thing for small businesses?

Let’s be honest that people online are looking for valuable information. If your website and social media can’t provide valuable content to your audience, then how do you expect them to trust your brand? In addition to this, it triggers engagement. This means that you can get to see more people liking and even sharing your posts on their wall.

Now, though it seems like a great idea, many are overwhelmed where to actually start. Here are five content marketing tips that small businesses can utilize this 2018.

Engage with your audience

What exactly do you want them to do? Do you want them to share your content? A simple strategy that you can do is to ask your audience after you make a conclusion. This could get reactions from them via comments or even get more people to share your content on social media.

User Generated Content

Another method that small business owners can utilize is to get guest bloggers to write for you. You can have someone who is trying to build a reputation within the niche to agree to write for your website for free. Of course, if you want to get someone who is quite popular in your niche to write for your website, there’s a chance that you will have to pay him or her.

It is also possible that you write for other websites in exchange for links to your website at the bottom of the content.
What makes guest blogging such a popular trend among small businesses? It helps establish backlinks. And therefore, it can help in ranking your website. Other than this, it can also help improve your network. You can make use of another person’s network to gain new customers and clients.

Visual Content

Another content marketing strategy that works is to turn to visual content. This means that you should not only explore video marketing but also infographics. This makes information easy to understand on the part of your readers.

Don’t Always Sell

One common mistake small businesses make is to sell using their content marketing strategy. Content marketing is all about helping your readers by providing valuable content for them for free. As rule of thumb, discuss what they are interested in. It helps build your reputation as a reputable company that can be trusted simply because you know what you are talking about.
What do you think of these five content marketing strategies? Have you tried any of these? Feel free to leave a comment!