December 9, 2019 | Branding, Digital Marketing, Tips
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What makes a good logo and why are they so important? A logo puts a “face to a name”, so it’s vitally important that your logo reflects the essence of your business in a glance. Statistics show that a typical business has a maximum of seven seconds for a first impression — some research even suggests that within one tenth of a second a potential client has started to determine the amount of traits such as trustworthiness.

Although a slight number to begin with, this time frame is gradually decreasing with the continual growth of social media advertising and the small opportunity businesses have to appear between scrolling.

With such a tiny window to impress, the importance of an excellent visual identity has never been greater. Not only a business symbol, a logo is a brand’s identity and it’s purpose is to reflect and communicate purpose, value and relevance to potential clients and customers.

I have compiled my top five questions to ask when choosing an effective logo that gives you and your business the best chance at capturing and keeping a client’s attention.

1 — Is it Versatile?

A versatile logo is a well designed logo. When choosing, it’s important to remember where you’ll be using it. Although the design might look incredible on a Facebook post, it might not look so great when shrunk down to an Instagram profile photo.

2 — Is it Simple?

To assist in a logo’s versatility, it helps to choose a simple logo. A simple design is often the most effective design and is easier for potential clients to recognise and remember. Although it’s tough, choosing a logo that is clean with minimal commotion is hands down the way to go.

3 — Is it Memorable?

Memorability often relies on simplicity to gain customer and client recognition. Hans Hoffman, a German designer and artist said, “the ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak”. By choosing a logo that delivers the most important message of your business will help customers in recalling and recognising it in the future.

4 — Is it Appropriate?

Putting your personal tastes aside can be difficult when choosing a logo, but it’s important to think of your target market first. Your logo needs to reflect the business you are starting and the business you intend to be in the future.

This doesn’t mean your logo has to visually reflect the exact product or service you are selling. Nike’s logo isn’t a pair of sneakers. Apple’s logo isn’t a computer. So why are these logos so effective? If you have plans for growing your business like Apple and Nike did, it’s a good idea to choose a logo that isn’t restrictive.

5 — Is it Timeless?

Trends in the design community come and go overnight. When choosing a logo, it’s important to factor in that a ‘trendy’ logo will be in desperate need of a rebrand in a few years. It’s so much better then to go for a timeless logo that will effectively represent your business for years to come.


There is no manual on what the perfect logo looks like, but these five questions will help in finding your perfect fit.

After reading this, have you reconsidered your brand identity and logo? Have we given you some things to think about? Let us know in the comments below.

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