March 8, 2018 | Web Design
Responsive web design tips

If you ever try to contact a Perth branding expert, one of the things that they’d suggest is that you take your web design seriously. The truth is that building your customer’s trust depends greatly on your website. Apart from your logo, your website reflects what your company is all about. When you find your company in a highly competitive niche, you want to take advantage of every angle that you can.

So what are the best web design practices in Perth that every website owner should consider? Here are seven essential tips that you should get to know when it comes to modern websites.

Follow a Style Guide

First, you want to make sure that your website is following a style guide. A style guide gives you an idea of what colour and what font can be used. By ensuring the same style all throughout the website, it helps build your brand to your audience.

Use of a Sidebar

For modern websites, a lot of these designs no longer make use of sidebars. Instead, you get to see full-width websites that become aesthetically appealing especially on large screens. Sidebars are useful for call to actions and repeating important information that may reach out to the viewer.

Use Visually Appealing Videos & Photos

In Western Australia, a modern web design trend that you usually see is the inclusion of not only photos but also videos. Gone are the days of using just stock photos for your website. We would recommend you rather invest in custom photos of your products and business. This way, your audience has an idea of what your company really offers to the table with a personal touch.

Prioritize a Responsive Web Design

Every web designer will tell you that it’s no longer optional to have a responsive website. Instead, it’s a must. Regardless of the site that you are running whether you have an E-Commerce website or you are simply running a blog, having a mobile-first approach can bring a good number of benefits to both your traffic and potentially to your sales and business. It’s confirmed that Google has focused on improved ranking  for all mobile-friendly websites.

Clear Navigation

Another important factor that you want to consider in your site is its usability as a website. One of the most common reasons why users get frustrated and choose other websites is because of the site’s navigation. Improving the website’s navigation to be clear and user-friendly can make a huge difference as it can give customers an access to different parts of your site. In fact, this simple tweak can drastically improve your site’s bounce rate.

A/B Testing

If you are unsure of what changes to do on your websites layout, it is always a good idea to perform an A/B testing. In web analytics, A/B testing is a controlled experiment with two variants, A and B. It is a form of statistical hypothesis testing or “two-sample hypothesis testing”. Be sure to rely on the numbers when making a decision. This can help minimize the guesswork on your site’s design.

Integrate Social Media

Lastly, you want your website traffic to also follow you on social media. You can do this by having engaging social media buttons across your website such as at the very top, side or in the footer.

Hopefully, these simple tips have given you an idea how to improve your site’s aesthetics and overall functionality. Given the changing demands in today’s World Wide Web, it is imperative for web masters to adapt to these changes in order to keep up with the changing times.