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    1. Brand Purpose:
    In 10 words or less, explain the purpose behind your business?

    2. Brand Competition:
    Name your businesses 3 biggest competitors (include website links if possible). What do you admire about them?

    3. Brand Point of Difference:
    How does your brand differ and stand out from your competitors?

    Brand Pitch

    4. What is your businesses specialties?

    5. What age group is your business targeting?

    0 - 1718 - 3435 - 5051 - 70+

    6. Name 3 of your businesses most important core values?

    Brand Qualities and Character Traits:

    7. Please select which qualities your business aligns closest with?

    MasculineFeminineYoungMatureNecessityLuxuryEconomicalExpensiveRuggedRefinedCasualFormalFunSeriousConservativeProgressiveTraditionalContemporaryQuirkyConventionalSafeExperimentalDullVibrantBlack & WhiteColourfulQuietLoudNaturalArtificial

    8. Please select 5 words on how you would like your logo to be perceived? (Try to avoid selecting contradictory terms, ie: formal and casual)

    AccomplishedComfortableEducationalFormalHip LocalPracticalReliableSophisticatedTrustworthyAdorableCaringConfidentEfficientFreshInnovativeMainstreamPremiumRespectedTalentedUnpredictableAggressiveCasualContemporaryElegantFunInspirationalMethodicalProfessionalRespectfulTechnicalWholesomeApproachableChallengerCredibleEntrepreneurialGlobalIntelligentPassionateProgressiveResponsiveTenaciousWittyArty CheekyCustomer-focusedHard workingInternationalPersonableQualityResults-drivenTraditionalArticulateClassicDetail-orientedExperiencedHeritageKnowledgeablePlayfulSafeTrustedYouthful


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