February 5, 2018 | Web Design
Website analytics and statistics

Having a simple website setup isn’t enough. It is imperative to take a closer look at your design if you really want to catch the attention of your market. But more than that, the design should fit the modern trends that have gained success in the past. So what should a website look like in order to gain success in today’s digital marketing world?

Mobile Friendly

All websites must be adaptable for the small screens. Statistics from the past few years have proven that the number of mobile internet users have steadily increased. In 2017, Google announced that 75% of search queries have originated from mobile devices.

By having a website that can be viewed and used seamlessly in Mobile, it’s easier to get customers to stay on your page and even converting as business. In addition to this, having a mobile-friendly website also helps out with your Search Engine Optimization.


Visitors are usually just expected to simply skim through your web page. This means that businesses need to specially consider which parts they should present first to their audience. It’s vital to always structure content in a particular order to provide the most important information your target audience wants to see.

Loading Time

Make sure to focus on the loading time of the website. If you look at competitor websites, you’ll notice that they’re starting to load faster and faster each year… And why not? A few seconds delay can decrease customer satisfaction which can result in a loss in terms of conversion. As a good rule of thumb, be sure that your site loads under the 3-second mark.

Incorporate Social Media Links & Sharing

If you’re investing in high-quality content for your site, you might as well make it easy for your audience to share your content onto Social Media channels such as Facebook. Add obvious Social Media icons across your website which can help improve traffic to your pages.

Call To Actions

A lot of websites fail to notice that the lack of functionality can be inspected through the lack of calls-to-action on their website. CTAs makes it clear to your audience where you want them to go. Do you want them to sign up? Get in touch or fill out a form? Put yourself in the shoes of a first time viewer to your website and work through each page by page.

The above are just some of the most basic characteristics that you can apply to your website design. Of course, be aware of the constantly changing trends.