January 24, 2017 | News
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Word Of Mouth Agency – the Best Perth-Based Web Design Company for Your Business!

When choosing a web design company – particularly if your company is new to web design – it’s important that the digital agency you engage is a good fit for your business.

A dynamic online presence is crucial for your business, and your website should be one of your greatest assets.

Choosing the RIGHT web design company for YOU is an important factor, and here we’ve listed a few handy hints:

  • Talk to your web designer about your ideas and needs. Have a clear online business goal/outcome and discuss these with your web designer.
  • Website prices can vary greatly – ensure your web designer is aware of your budget!
  • If you’re unsure, ASK. Your web designer should be able to assist with any relevant questions and not speak in a language that is over your head!
  • Check if the web design company has any prior experience and/or qualifications – ask to look at some samples and/or some of the websites they’ve produced.
  • Web design is continually evolving – the company you engage should be aware of trends and able to adapt to client needs.
  • Your website should enable you to successfully engage with your target market – discuss this with your designer.
  • Ensure the website created for your business can be customised and grow with your business. A cheap, generic website is going to have many limitations down the track.
  • Not all web designers offer all services. Ensure the company you engage offers the online services your business requires. Opt for the convenience of one company managing all your website and online needs.
  • A good web design company will provide ongoing support and training. If necessary, you request access to edit and update your own website, with the support of the web designer.
  • Be aware of any ongoing costs, fees, and hidden charges. A reputable company will consider your budget and ensure you are aware of any additional costs.
  • Stay local! Not only does having your website designed and maintained in Australia support Australian businesses, it saves frustration from both you and your customers, as well as a range of other issues such as communication, time delays, and loading time.

Remember, your business’ website and online presence is a long-term investment. It’s important to choose a web design company that will take the time to discuss and meet your business needs and objectives.

Word of Mouth digital agency Perth are a talented, experienced team of web design professionals.

We will meet and discuss your online and web design needs to create a platform unique to your business and help you realise your online business goals.

Word of Mouth Agency are located south of the river in Perth and can assist in all your web design, digital marketing, social media marketing and web development needs!

Contact [email protected] or call us on 9386 0049.