November 9, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Web Design
Chatbots for websites

Recently Conversational Marketing has been the new buzz about town. Conversational marketing as the term goes is a personalized approach which enables businesses and brands to have relevant, meaningful, one-on-one conversations with their customers across different channels of communication. It’s safe to say that Conversational Marketing is the new form of Direct Marketing.

Chatbots are the first that come to mind when you think of Conversational Marketing. However, this strategy is much more than merely chatbots, and can be extended to include social media messaging tools, phone calls, SMS, and IMs – pretty much any channel of communication that your customers prefer.

As a brand we understand that chatbots warrant a sceptical attitude as they are not sophisticated enough to mimic human behaviour. However, from our experience with implementing chatbots for several of our clients we’re here to tell you that a chatbot is an extremely efficient tool for improving communication when it comes to answering basic requests, however they can’t replace human agents for complex enquiries, but they certainly do take a load off of them.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of conversational marketing and how to implement it correctly to help your business grow and build a successful conversational marketing strategy on the whole.

Improve customer experience

As a business owner you probably spend a lot of time making sure that customers have a positive experience with your brand through a handful of touchpoints like your site, social media, and email. You can set up automated messages to go out to customers on certain pages or after a certain amount of time that gets the conversation going. Once they respond to that prompt, you can get into a real conversation with your customer.

When it comes to building positive experiences with your customers, we find that nothing builds a good experience than having real conversations and helping your customers. Although, using a chatbot to answer simple queries is helpful, we would recommend ensuring your chatbot directs your customer to a representative. They are efficient to lead toward real time interactions and not just another means scheduling a meeting to answer questions later.

Immediacy & Flexibility

Today, every customer expects a quick and responsive service when they approach a business’s website or service. Quick responses, accurate results and an answer to all queries, are what customers expect and is a feature that chatbots provide to support your business.  Chatbots are also available to run around the clock. They also support your customers whether on weekends or late at night. With Chatbots customers can connect with you at any time and at their own pace, which leaves them feeling more satisfied.

Collect & Analyse Data as Insightful Business Information

While chatbots interact with customers, they can be programmed to collect data, monitor customer behaviour and keep a check on the buying patterns of your customers. This data can help businesses understand the market value of the product or service can plan their digital marketing strategies accordingly. This is extremely beneficial for ensuring that your business is constantly evolving to best suit your customers interest and needs.

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