February 3, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Social Media, Tips
Custom emojis for mobile

Ever wanted to be one of those hundreds of glamorously aesthetic Instagram’s you follow? Instagram colour threads are a huge trend, and we’re certainly not hating on it. Who doesn’t love an aesthetic feed of pretty photos? Little did you know that most of these photos probably looked like your camera roll…a mash of colours, quality and objects. So what’s the magic word to make your feed go from 0 – 100?

If you’ve ever looked in your app store, you’ll find thousands of editing apps available, each promising the perfect Instagram feed. Instead of letting you stress about which to choose from, here are our top 5 editing apps that will leave you with a theme perfectly suited to you.

1 — VSCO

VSCO girls are no joke, and we highly recommend you become one! VSCO’s online community is huge and it’s no wonder with the incredibly easy and effective edits this app boasts of. This app is free to use with 10 basic presets, and only $19.99 per year to unlock all presets. 

2 — Prequel

To unleash your creativity, Prequel is one of the most fun apps to download. With effects  and filters that range from glitter to paper to a collage, Prequel is versatile and will edit both photos and videos! We recommend you download this app alongside a standard editor. Again, this app is free to download with options of $9.99 a month or $59.99 a year to unlock the full potential of this app.

3 — A Color Story

For the dreamiest and most magical feed, A Colour Story is your best option. With a collection of over 400 filters, A Colour Story will complete anyone’s aesthetic needs. The app also includes raw photo editing tools that easy to use and simply laid out. Free to download, the full filter suite comes at a reasonable $24.99 a year.

4 — PicsArt

The latest trend has been pushed forwards by the likes of Kim K and that’s the ‘sketch’ trend. Although the sketch effect is the most popular, the app also has a wide variety of filters such as ‘pop art’ or ‘animation’ amongst many others. The free download includes many basic effects and filters with $8 per month or $47.88 per year to unlock all features.

5 — Tezza

Created by social media influencer Tezza, these filters and effects are some of the most beautiful you’ll find. All tools are simply laid out and easy to use. Although the app’s filter and effects range isn’t huge, the quality and attention to detail is unprecedented. The app is designed for both photo and video editing! Every good things comes with a price however, so $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year for photo editing or $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year for photo and video editing might be off-putting.

Happy editing!