February 17, 2017 | News
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While your website has to look great, the copy has to measure up too. People find themselves on your website as they are looking for valuable information on the subject that has brought them there. If you don’t have engaging copy, then those clicks won’t turn into leads. Here’s how great copy works for your website.

Ideally, you should rank highly on Google and other search engines. To do this, you will need good copy to direct traffic to your site. Choose relevant keywords to make sure search engines know what your page is about. However, don’t litter your text with keywords as potential customers should land on pages that provide them with quality information

Great Copy Boosts Your Standing on Search Engines

Build a connection with your prospective customers and clients. Don’t have copy that talks all about you. Instead, talk about them and how your product or service can help them. Good copy is customer focussed so that your website can help you achieve a rapport with visitors. Internet users will skim read and are put off by lengthy text. Concise and to the point information is easier for users to digest.

Copy can be used to earn a visitors confidence in you and your product or service. It can also have the opposite effect which is difficult to change. Ensure your web copy is relevant, authoritative and up to date. For all aspects of your website design contact Word of Mouth to convert visitors into customers.

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