November 10, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Tips
Facebook remarketing

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re being watched on Facebook? Maybe you’ve been haunted by a product that you added to your shopping cart and then changed your mind about, or perhaps a website you once visited has been reappearing in your feed time and time again. 

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t fate or a coincidence, but rather Facebook remarketing in action. A clever and invaluable tool, Facebook remarketing is a type of advertising that targets people who have already previously interacted with your website. Investing in Facebook remarketing is an excellent method for achieving more conversions and reducing your bounce rate. The added beauty of Facebook remarketing is that the ads will feature heavily in your leads’ Facebook feeds and best of all, they’re impervious to ad blockers. 

How does Facebook Remarketing work?

Facebook has a handy tracking pixel that identifies website visitors who have bounced and then target ads towards them based on their behaviour. The Facebook pixel does this by tagging or ‘cookie-ing’ a user when they visit your website. A code is placed on the page that the user visited, which then tells your ads to target that particular user around Facebook.

There are a few different ways that you can use Facebook remarketing.

Customer Lists

An indispensable tool offered by Facebook is the ability to display personalised ads to a list of contacts or customers that you have already acquired. For example, if you already have a list of your customers’ email addresses or phone numbers, you can compile a list of these contacts from your CRM system and upload it to Facebook. Your remarketing ads will then target these people with personalised ads depending on which stage of the buying process they are currently at.

Website Traffic

Another way that Facebook remarketing can be utilised is by targeting people who have already visited your website within a particular time frame. You simply have to place a Facebook pixel on all pages of your website, and then create a Custom Audience on Facebook with filters based on pages that users have visited. This allows your remarketing ads to be as specific as possible. 

App Activity

Does your company have its own app? Then – obviously – this feature targets people who use your app. If someone abandons their shopping cart within your app, you could target them with the same product and a discount code to encourage them to complete the purchase. You could also remarket to people who have recently completed a purchase through your app or unlocked a certain feature in your app. 

Let Word of Mouth Agency do the remarketing

It’s clear that Facebook remarketing is an excellent advertising method to invest in. It just makes sense that users who are already familiar with your brand or products and services are more likely to be converted. At Word of Mouth, we’re experts in the nitty gritty of remarketing. Maybe you’ve even seen our ads follow you around your Facebook feed! To find out more or engage our remarketing services, visit our Services Page or contact us here.