July 9, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Social Media, Tips
LinkedIn offices

You’ve been told that Facebook and Instagram are must haves for you and your business, but have you thought about joining the magical realm of LinkedIn? Although not the most popular platform, LinkedIn’s database has been steadily growing for years and has now accumulated more than 610 million users. With such a large community, LinkedIn has many useful features for your business.

You may have downloaded LinkedIn, created an account, logged in and then quickly minimised it after being bombarded with information, suggestions and connections. We suggest you try again, but this time do it right! LinkedIn is the king of networking apps and you’ll find that connecting with users and other businesses has never been easier or more effective. To use this incredible platform to your businesses best advantage, we recommend you follow our four LinkedIn rules.

Time To Suit Up

Unlike the casual space of Facebook and the self-expression encouraged on Instagram, LinkedIn is a professional platform and should be treated like an important interview. Dress to impress by following the step by step profile set up LinkedIn offers you. This immediately maximises your rank and increases your chance to be seen. By suiting up and optimising your page with good quality content and professionally curated copy, you’ll find a whole new client base open up.

Network Like Crazy

You’d be surprised with the amount of existing professionals using LinkedIn. From influencers to first year uni students, you have the potential to meet the old and new who’s-who of your industry. It’s important to connect with your colleagues and followers. In return, you’ll find that your business will receive more engagement and activity, increasing your page’s visibility. By commenting, private messaging, engaging in group events, your business will begin to flourish into becoming an authoritative figure in your industry.

Schedule In Consistency

For some unknown reason, LinkedIn is overlooked as a platform needing to be nurtured and cultivated. Just like Instagram and Facebook, it’s important to regularly create and post quality content that your existing and potential followers can interact with. Be sure that you consistently post (we recommend twice a week) and use descriptive captions, eye-catching images and use related hashtags. By using each feature LinkedIn post’s offer, you chances of growth and reach increase exponentially. With the power of our social media marketing services, our clients really do see an increase in brand awareness and leads.

Go Viral

On top of a regular posting schedule, we encourage you to take a step away from the usual mundane content everyone else posts. A feature exclusive to LinkedIn is that anyone can go viral. There’s no minimum follower count or anything to inhibit your content reach. Instead, LinkedIn is always scouring it’s databases for well written content that it knows will appeal or educate it’s users. By writing on relevant events that appeal to your existing follower base, you’ll attract more readers after LinkedIn recognises your post as a popular topic. The momentum behind this will then push the platform to put a spotlight behind your piece in one of their categories, giving you the potential to reach tens of thousands of readers.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to create your business a LinkedIn account. Make sure you set up your page correctly by filling in each area. Every detail counts. From content to your logo to the amount of connections you make each day, you’ll find that the more time you spend cultivating your page, the bigger and more successful results you’ll receive. Welcome to the magical realm of LinkedIn and we look forward to connecting with you. Discovering that your social media marketing campaign isn’t working? Read our recent blog post on how you can fix it here.