D’Orsogna initially engaged Word Of Mouth Agency to work on Paid Social Media Advertising campaigns which lead to the redevelopment of their website for an updated style and design.

The 70-year-old D’Orsogna business began as a family story when Luigi D’Orsogna arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia, from Italy to seek employment opportunities during the gold rush. Year-on-year national sales growth saw production volume double and led to innovative varieties of cured and cooked hams, bacon, gourmet continental sausages and salami and other meat products using the same authentic family recipes.

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Our Services

Our website team reviewed their detailed styleguide and sitemap, making suggestions where applicable for changes online. Once the design was approved, the team began development and was able to produce the final website prior to the expected ‘Go-Live’ day.

Each custom page was designed to include user-friendly navigation throughout. The different sections combined with animation and new website-building technologies took this project to the next level.

A strategic search engine optimisation (SEO) plan was set in place, with monthly updates and work behind the scenes to improve the website’s ranking, drive traffic and increase awareness for D’Orsogna.

D'orsogna websiteD'orsogna websiteD'orsogna websiteD'orsogna websiteD'orsogna website

The Outcome

Our completely new upgrade and revamp for the D’Orsogna website took it away from an ‘old school’ looking website to an improved design that included unique features throughout. By implementing SEO, D’Orsogna rose 5 spots in overall Google rankings, and are in the number 1 spots for multiple keywords.

Feedback from users were positive, with mentions that thwebsite is more user friendly, cleaner, and easier to find the information they were after.

We still offer ongoing technical support, and occasional copywriting for media releases and blog posts.