Eurostyle Smallgoods

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About the project

Eurostyle Smallgoods Butcher is a taste of Europe itself. A family owned and operated business straight out of Bibra Lake, they have 40 years experience providing Western Australians with fresh meat and smallgoods products the traditional European way.

We have had the privilege of shopping from Eurostyle for many years, so it was only natural we lend our services to our favourite smallgoods butcher! Over the last few years to more recently, we have:

Web Design & Web Development – Designed and created a whole new website with a fully functional online store. Now completely online, Eurostyle has the opportunity to reach a whole new market.

E-Commerce – Developed a custom online ‘Click & Collect’ extension to our existing website design allowing customers to place orders digitally.

A multiple award winning butcher and home of WA’s Best Bacon three years running, Eurostyle needed to stay ahead of the market as they continually grow in both wholesale and retail clientele. After hearing Eurostyle’s vision and story, the Word of Mouth team were able to design a website that had all the features of a smoothly run, modern website without leaving their European aesthetic and culture. In the midst of creating a whole new look, we were able to give Eurostyle the opportunity of a fully online presence. 

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