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About the project

Joy Kitchen Fremantle is Perth’s favourite cantonese restaurant. Situated in creative-driven, bustling Freo, they serve their locally sourced meals to a fully booked our restaurant, every night.

A staple in the heart of Fremantle, Joy Kitchen has been serving fine Chinese cuisine since 1996. With a loyal client base and a name to uphold, we were able to assist Joy Kitchen in:

Web Design – Designing a fresh website that brought Joy Kitchen more online traffic that made use of their new online menu.

Social Media Marketing – Using our social media marketing skills, we have been able to grow Joy Kitchen’s Instagram presence from 0 to over 10.2k followers.

Content Creation – From the photography, to page layout and advertising posts, we have been content marketing for Joy Kitchen to assist in their online aesthetic and presence.

In a digital world, it was essential for us to take Joy Kitchen online. Now no longer just another restaurant, Joy Kitchen has become a recognised name and staple in Perth. By broadening their client base and modernising their look, we were able to create a beautiful site and clean socials which are attracting hundreds of people every day.

Instagram Followers
From 0 to 10K
Facebook Fans
3.5 %
Engagement Rate
Social Media
25 %
Page Followers
Increase Per Month

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