Miss Chow's Branding and Social Media Management

We are thrilled to introduce you to the dynamic world of Miss Chow’s Group, where we expertly manage the social media presence for a vibrant portfolio of restaurants: Lygon Lane, Lena’s, Lucy Luu’s, Pantry by Miss Chow’s, and KiRi Japanese.

Miss Chow’s came to Word Of Mouth Agency for a two-step process. Step one was a complete branding and logo design package, including ongoing graphic design for promotional materials and digital assets. Step two was content creation, ongoing social media management, influencer marketing, and captivating TikTok and video reels. Our mission was to elevate these dining experiences through expert digital marketing and social media strategy. 

Our Services

We took on a creative transformation across Miss Chow’s social media aesthetic, focusing on revamping their existing style by establishing a new design direction. This featured an updated typeface, texture, a monochromatic colour pallet, and a grid system that could be modified and utilised for different deliverables.

We carefully considered their target demographic to re-construct a complete look to take their grid to the next level. From there, we have continued to work with the team on their organic social media presence. Curating content through professional photography and captivating videos for TikTok and Reels has gone in hand with influencer marketing services to broaden their reach and credibility. 

Miss Chow's Branding and Social Media Management

The Outcome

Our focus on aligning their target audience has been key to the successful transformation. The revamping of Miss Chow’s social media aesthetic with a modern design approach has elevated their visual presence to a new level. Throughout this journey, we have maintained and strengthened a consistent brand awareness campaign across multiple social platforms.

This approach has yielded positive social insights and results across each individual account, evident through increased reach, enhanced engagement levels, and sustained social activity. Our combined strategic efforts have successfully amplified Miss Chow’s presence, reinforcing their position in the digital landscape.

It has also resulted in increased bookings and community awareness as a new dining location in Perth. So, when are you heading down?

Miss Chow's Branding and Social Media Management