Our web department was engaged by S30 Studio to work on developing a new concept for a revamped S30 Studio website platform. An innovative layout that incorporates strategically curated content was created to keep up brand consistency across the board.

The S30 workout fills the gap between F45 and CrossFit with the introduction of their key principle, Weight. Tempo. Time. A methodology scientifically built by the strength and conditioning coaches at S30! Split into three blocks, each class focuses on the three core aspects and each day is an opportunity to work out a new body part. Mondays are all about the chest, back and core, on Tuesdays it’s a hybrid full-body workout, Wednesday is leg day, Thursday’s target every single body part, Friday’s will get your arms, shoulders and core pumped for the weekend and on Saturday it’s a full body sweat fest. 

A fully immersive training experience, with tailored workouts to make you feel the best version of yourself. Get ready to SWEAT!


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Our Services

We were proud to revamp the S30 website design and develop a new framework which reflects the rapid growth and modern technology used at S30 Studio. A custom ‘Find My S30’ search functionality was custom built to locate your nearest studio. We also worked on motion graphics and animation features across the improved web design to make a smooth transition across the pages.

The Outcome

The improved website design (created by another agency) was built by Word Of Mouth Agency, allows S30 Studio to reach new heights and stand out in a competitive fitness market. By clearly showcasing the unique selling points and what makes them different, helps the franchise’s growth. We have seen an additional four extra locations around Perth and one in Brisbane over 2022 with a number of new locations locked in and opening for 2023 over the coming months!

Since opening its flagship studio in Hay Street in February 2019, S30 has secured $2.2 million in funding to supercharge their growth into new markets. The investment will be used for S30’s marketing and to expand its staff and technology. We’re proud to be along the S30 journey by assisting them digitally.