In late December 2022, Snap Fitness Myaree experienced a devastating fire caused by an electrical fault with equipment, leading to the complete shutdown of the gym. After a full renovation, Snap Fitness Myaree approached Word Of Mouth Agency to create a marketing campaign and strategy to create hype and awareness for its grand re-opening.

With the gym closed for months due to the renovations and competitor gyms moving in nearby, the focus of this campaign was to rebuild the gym community from the ground up through event management, radio advertising, social media, content creation through photography and videography, and paid media advertising.

23 Sign-ups

Within the first hour

106 New

Members in the first month

35% Increase

In new members per month

Snap fitness Myareesnap fitness instagram profile feed part 2

Our Services

Our graphic design and marketing team started working together to create assets for advertising, social media, and print to reach out to the local community, promoting the grand re-opening. We worked closely with Snap Fitness to execute a range of video content and a series of photoshoots to elevate the brand on their social media, mixed with an Awareness campaign on Facebook Ads to start spreading the word!

The biggest challenge of the entire project was to organise, strategise, and execute a successful event for their Opening Day, ensuring we had the local council’s approval and the perfect vendors to entice people to come down – and what a turn out it was!

Snap Fitness Myaree Facebook ads examples

The Outcome

The grand re-opening saw an impressive turnout of existing and new members joining the celebrations. People could view the new gym, sign up for exclusive perks, and enjoy vendors such as Supplement Mart, Pauly K’s Kitchen, Suppa Club, and Chris’ Kitchen. We even had Mix 94.5 in attendance to play games and promote the opening.

Not only did the Snap Fitness Myaree team and the community provide amazing feedback, but they also managed to get many returning members to sign back up and an additional 106 members within the first month.