Swan Yacht Club

Bringing Life To The River

About the project

The Swan Yacht Club is Perth’s number 1, award winning venue to relax and sit back with a parmi and pint in hand right by the Swan River.

What true blue Aussie doesn’t love an aesthetic venue, a beautiful view, and inclusive community with a wide range of beers on tap? Our team has frequented the Swan Yacht Club for several years, so it was only natural for us to assist them in:

Email Marketing – Updating members with weekly and monthly newsletters showcasing exclusive events, management announcements and highlighting regular updates within the club community.

Branding – Designing all digital and printed material such as event posters, banners, merchandise and all forms of Graphic Design.

Social Media Marketing – Overlooking all social media platforms by creating a cohesive theme and tone of voice reaching out to their membership of over 3,000.

Content Creation – Planning, scheduling and executing effective visuals through solid photography and videography

Web Design & Development – The club engaged Word of Mouth Agency to update their website which was over 10 years old! From wireframes, prototypes and design mockups we worked closely with the Swan Yacht Club to develop a website which covers all aspects of what they have to offer.

Winning Clubs WA’s Marketing Award in 2018 & 2019 on behalf of the club speaks for itself by way of digital marketing. As a prestigious venue and dating back to 1904, The Swan Yacht Club is a staple in every by-the-seaside-loving West Australian. Tasked with the responsibility to implement beautiful visuals into strong, unique branding and create an aesthetic online presence for the Swan Yacht Club was a dream come true. Building onto their already reputable business gave us the chance to push the Club further into the social media world, and winning awards was just the icing on the cake.

Videography by Helm Media

10 %
Increased Engagement Rate
2019 - 2020
Instagram Followers
3000 +
12.5 %
Social Media Growth

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