The Joyful Gift Company

A Boxful
Of Joy

About the project

The Joyful Gift Company is Perth’s first create your own gift box company! From birthday’s and corporate gifts to baby showers and anniversaries, there is sure to be a boxful of joy and happiness waiting for everyone.

The Joyful Gift Company approached our agency to start Perth’s first online customisable gift box company. We had the opportunity of building this company from the ground up which included:

Branding – From the beautiful logo, creative messaging, brand personality and brand purpose to the target audience and brand positioning, we were able to create our way through to achieve a successful brand strategy.

Web Design – A website that The Joyful Gift Company absolutely loved! On brand with their values and tone of voice, the site is fully dedicated to their point of difference: being Perth’s first customisable gift box company.

E-Commerce – Wholly online, The Joyful Gift Company needed to a safe and secure way to manage commercial electronic transactions. With a digital platform to generate sales, we created a site that flowed effortlessly and professionally with the benefits only an E-Commerce site can give you.

Social Media Marketing – From creating a catchy bio to target audience hashtags, we are running all social media accounts to better reach Perth and it’s surroundings.

Content Creation – Writing and creating all posts for advertising purposes via social media. We work closely with The Joyful Gift Company to ensure all posts carefully portrait key brand attributes.

Influencer Marketing – Carefully pairing The Joyful Gift Company up with local influencers who share similar characteristics and values. We were able to increase engagement and social media presence by way of collaborations and influencer marketing.

Graphic Design – On top of the logo, we also created all printed material including box, sticker and card designs.

We had the pleasure of creating the vision and direction The Joyful Gift Company. After many calls, much brainstorming and lot’s of coffee, we confidently created the brand strategy and logo. From there our Web Design team took on-board the E-Commerce Website aspect for this project and completed a now beautiful, luxury site. We are now building their socials day by day in marketing and content. We know Perth is loving The Joyful Gift Company just as much as we do, so be sure to give them a visit and order your boxful of joy today.

250000 +
Audience Reach
Via Influencer Marketing
300 %
Competition Post Engagement
33 %
Followers & Fans
Growth Rate
Conversion Rate

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