Optimising The Speed Of Your Website

One of the best SEO practices today is to improve your site’s page load speed. As a rule of thumb, pages that don’t load fast enough usually don’t rank on Google. And this isn’t surprising at all.

Over the years, fast internet has spoiled users to get the information that they need in the fastest time possible. It means that those websites that usually load after three seconds don’t really maximize their website’s potential. It is possible that a lot of people have left in a matter of three seconds.

The good news is that there are strategies on how you can optimize the website. There are strategies that can be used in order to make the website function faster for its users regardless of the device that they are using.

Compress Images

One, it is a good idea to compress files. It means that photos can be compressed for the web. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop allows users to optimize the images and make sure that it doesn’t end up as a bulky file.

Clean Your Code

Next, it is also a good idea to take a closer look at your code. Removing the space and commas can make a huge difference especially if you have a complicated website. You can also get rid of the code comments as well as other unused codes.

Choose The Right Hosting

Lastly, another simple yet effective strategy is having the right server. Keep in mind that hosting plays a major role in how your website is going to load fast enough for your audience. Maybe, you need to have a dedicated server? Or maybe, you need a server that is located near your demographic?

Optimizing the speed of your website plays a major role not only in ranking but also in overall user experience. A fast loading website can encourage users to stay and even purchase products you are selling. Want to see how we perform our SEO today?