July 15, 2018 | Digital Marketing, Social Media
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Whether you are running a small business or trying to establish a personal brand online, having a Facebook page can significantly help your online presence and how you can communicate with your market. Over the years, Facebook has become a staple in every person’s life. And because of this, Facebook has reached 2 billion members. With more than 2.07 billion users in the platform, you have all the reason to be part of Facebook.

However, gone are the days when you just have to rely on your organic reach. You will have no other choice but to maximize the ability of Facebook to boost your posts. And why should you be doing this?

Target the Right People

One of the most important reasons why you should start paying Facebook to boost your post is to target the right people. Though you can rely on users sharing your posts in an organic manner, you still want to be sure that people who view your post are relevant to your company. You want to make sure that they are part of your niche.

By boosting your post, you can target who your audience is. You can set the age, location, and even their interest.

Another good thing is that you can also target your existing audience. Here, they will be able to see your posts on multiple occasions.

Widen your audience

Facebook is all about exposure. It allows you to widen your audience. It allows you to target friends of people who liked your post. And therefore, you are already exposing your post towards those who haven’t heard of your company yet.

Guaranteed visibility

Unfortunately, gone are the days when majority of your traffic can see your posts. Facebook has now been designed in order for page admins to have no other choice but to pay Facebook to increase their visibility. By paying a small amount, you can set the number of people who will be seeing your post. However, keep in mind that this is guaranteed visibility.

Have control of your budget

When it comes to Facebook marketing, both small and large companies can benefit from this function by Facebook because you have control on your budget. This way, you can control just how much you are going to spend daily. You can even start a campaign for the entire week for as low as $10.

Create Multiple Audiences

If you have different audiences, you have the ability to choose which Facebook users gets to see your post. This way, you can boost particular posts towards a particular demographic.

See the results

Now, if you want to improve your Facebook marketing strategy, using the Facebook boost post function can give you the numbers that you are looking for. It gives you detailed report and see just how your paid and organic reach performed. And by doing so, you can gain insights on what works and what doesn’t work for your campaign.

If you think that boosting your Facebook post is unnecessary, you better think again. It is a great way to maximize the social media platform’s network. It can also help give you better control on who sees some of your important posts.