April 30, 2019 | Social Media
Social media marketing campaigns

Social media is an important part of any online marketing campaign today. Social media has allowed companies that don’t have a huge marketing capital go toe-to-toe even with much larger brands. Considering the billions of accounts across platforms, it becomes possible to reach your market for so much less compared to traditional means of marketing. Nowadays, you can choose from various platforms whether you want to engage using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even all of the above.
However, not all things that you do on social media can be beneficial for your campaign. In fact, a lot of social media marketing campaigns fail because of different factors. Here are some of the most common reasons why social media marketing campaigns fail and some solutions on how you can fix them.

Posting solely your products and services

The purpose of social media is to build a community. Now, if all you post is all about your company’s products and services with a purpose to just sell, then there is a likelihood that it won’t work. Unless you already have an established brand, posting solely about your products and services on social media isn’t a sustainable plan.
What you want is to be part of a community. You want people to start recognizing your brand as a leader in your industry. Try providing links that may pique the interest of your market. In order to do this, you need to know your customers well. You need to have a profile of what they are like and what are their behaviors like.
And also, try to balance the things that you share online. Be aware of things that you share since you don’t want to end up to be always pushing your products and services to your audience. Instead, you want to provide useful information that your market will most likely find as valuable. In order to do this, you will have to know more about your market’s psyche.

Simply Relying on Organic Means

Things have changed in today’s social media in the last years. Gone are the days when the organic reach of your posts can do so much. For a brand that is starting, it isn’t enough that you just rely on organic reach. It will definitely take time before you can gain traction within your niche if you simply do this. Instead, what you should do is to target your preferred audience. Get to know the demographic that you wanted to clinch. Facebook can even narrow down the location. And the good news is that it doesn’t really cost a lot of money. You can run a small paid campaign and even increase the visibility of your posts.

Failing to interact with your audience

Engagement is another important aspect that you want to consider whenever you are doing social media marketing. If you are handling accounts with a huge following, there is a chance that you are not going to be able to reply to all the comments. However, it is important that you still select a few comments that you can interact with. Perhaps, answer some of the legit questions in the comment section.

Also, you may want to address the negative reviews on the comment section. It is a good idea that you focus on disgruntled customers and appease them if possible.

Failing to Build a Brand Using Social Media

It is important that you make use of different social media platforms in order to build a strong brand presence online. This is the secret to having a strong following and loyal customers. Unfortunately, a lot of companies still haven’t figured out how to build a brand using social media.
Building a brand can be tricky because branding is more than just your logo and your name. You also need to consider the voice that you use, not to mention the colors that you use. The branding will most likely attract the right market for your company.
To successfully build a brand, it is crucial to have a style guide. Colors, fonts, and even the voice that you will be using will be revolving around the style guide. To make it simple, imagine your brand being a person. Think of branding as your company’s personality.


Ever encountered a company that bombards its market with posts every now and then? Spamming can be considered a mortal sin when it comes to social media marketing. You don’t want to be posting too much to the point where your market is already going to unfollow you.

As rule of thumb, keep the posts apart. You want the posts to be just around one or two daily per social media platform. To avoid spamming, you can schedule and plan your posts ahead.

Buying Followers

There was a time when brands, especially on Instagram, have been going after bot accounts to make their following look big. Unfortunately, it can become a problem in the future. For instance, it becomes difficult to know whether or not you are attracting your market or not. Also, keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to turn followers into customers.

What social media marketing managers should be doing is to work slowly but surely. It means that you should focus on capturing the attention of your legit audience. To do this, you will need to rely on your content.

Failing to Update Customers Regularly

Next, it’s a common problem among companies to forget about their followers after they are able to reach their goals. You have to understand that customers can forget about your company easily especially when you are competing against companies that post good content regularly on their social media platforms.

What you have to do is to still continue to post updates even if your brand has become a recognizable player in your niche.

Failing to Check the Analytics

Just like anything, you will have to know your numbers. You need to at least have an idea of whether or not a campaign is doing well or not. Try to take a closer look at your engagement, sales, and even a jump in the number of people following your social media accounts. By checking the analytics, you know whether or not the campaign was effective. You can have a reference for your future plans too if you consciously take a closer look at your numbers regularly.

Social media marketing is a tricky subject that businesses need to take seriously. In fact, it holds so much potential that you can grow your business using this online marketing method alone. Be wary of these mistakes and see if you are committing these things in your campaign. You will be surprised by the positive outcome that it can produce once you start to eliminate these things.

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