January 18, 2019 | Social Media, Web Design
Planning with a digital marketing agency

Content has a special place in today’s World Wide Web. It gives value to what readers can find on a website. Unfortunately, not everyone is doing it correctly. There are those who are struggling with their content even without realizing it. In fact, you have to understand that making content that your audience can find useful and can relate to can get quite complicated.
The good news is that there are red flags to it. And realizing the red flags can be a good start. Also, it becomes easier to find out which part of your content needs some improvement.

No Shares or Engagement

You need to understand that your audience should be able to relate to what you are discussing. And one of the most common things that you’ll typically notice if you got it wrong is when there are no shares or engagements on the part of your audience.
So what could be wrong? There are a number of things that you want to check. First, you want to check the voice that you are using. Is it something that your audience can relate to? Perhaps, you need to tweak the voice a bit in order to encourage the audience to participate in the comment section.
Another possible problem that you have is that you are not eliciting an emotion from your audience. Now, this takes practice. And often times, copywriters need to make use of call-to-action to elicit a reaction from their readers.

Not Getting Enough Traffic

If you are not getting enough traffic for your content, then you are not able to maximize the possible number of eyeballs that could be looking at your website. Maybe, you are not utilizing the latest search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. For instance, maybe, your content doesn’t have the right keywords that your audience typically looks for? In this situation, other websites get to the top spot of their search result page.

In order not to miss out, you want to ensure that you plan how you write your content. Try to take a closer look at the terms that are searched by your audience. You want to either be alerted by the hottest news in your niche or you want to constantly monitor the hottest news in your industry.

No Backlinks

Since we have mentioned the importance of SEO, you are also doing it wrong if you haven’t produced backlinks that go towards your site. With the latest Google algorithm, be sure that you do this organically. You have to build relations with other websites if you want them to link to your site.
Another option is to simply improve on your content. You want a content that can be a highly informative source for other websites. Here, they will not be able to resist the urge to link to your content.

Lack of objective

Now, do you even have a goal as to what you want to accomplish with your content? If you are making content for the sake of making content, then you are definitely wrong. You want to write down your goals and approach writing content with a direction. This means that you also have to schedule when to post and what to post.

If you ever worry that you got it all wrong in your website’s content, the good news is that you can actually do something about it. Try to implement some of these and see what difference it makes.

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