December 7, 2017 | Social Media
Social media marketing engagement

Social media is on top of the digital marketing ladder for both small and big companies today. One reason why businesses and personalities make use of social media is mainly due to the number of users that you can potentially tap into. To put things into perspective, there are billions of social media accounts across different platforms. Most platforms have done their part in collecting necessary information that can come in handy for businesses.

But things are rapidly changing. Social media marketing trends three years ago may no longer be as effective today. It is imperative for every social media marketing manager to implement trends that are considered effective by today’s standards.  Here are some strategies that you should apply in your day-to-day social media campaign.

Sharing Live Videos
It has been established by now that a video is a great tool that can be used in social media. However, you don’t need to always invest on a polished video that has been edited. These days, whether you are using Instagram or you are using Facebook, a lot of brands are using live videos in creating relevant content for their page. For instance, it can be used to broadcast live events that interest your followers.

Instagram Stories
Gone are the days when Instagram is just for posting photos and videos that show up on your account. These days, there are around 200 million users using Instagram stories every month. This is quite surprising given the fact that it has already surpassed the use of Snapchat by as much as 50 million. Experts predict that 50% of Instagram users are going to be using Instagram stories by 2018.

For social media marketing experts, it is important to master the use of Instagram stories from offering discount codes to even asking a survey from your audience.

The Use Of Influencers
Investing in celebrities might be too much especially for small brands. Instead, why not make use of influencers to hit the market that you want to reach? The use of influencers has been viewed as an effective digital marketing tool by 90% of marketers who employ this type of tactic.

Content Remains King
It is important to make sure that you have original and interesting content when you manage your social media accounts. Whether it’s visual or written content, it is important to know what your audience expects from your brand. It is possible to make use of a specific voice in order to even build your brand’s identity in the eyes of your market.

But of course, you have to also be careful on what type of content you are posting. Keep in mind that 84% of today’s millennial despise traditional advertising. This means that you should be producing content that isn’t just designed for selling.

Social media is a tool that can help even small brands reach their market. By following these trends, it is possible to maximize the use of your social media accounts. Though you should expect a lot of changes for social media, these are just some of the most proven and our favourite strategies that you can take advantage of.