July 23, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Inspiration, Life Style, Social Media, Tips
AR filters

Do you remember the time when people were walking around streets with their phones looking out for digital Pokemons in shops, parks, streets and homes? In 2016, Pokemon Go gave AR a spot on the digital map, with businesses rushing to get their locations listed as PokeStops in return for huge advertisement and exposure through the AR feature on the app. 

Fast forward to 2017 and the AR game just got bigger and better, with Instagram and Facebook launching their own style of AR filters. Brands, influencers and others are using these filters to not only engage with their audience, but deliver powerful messages, and we think you should get on to it ASAP. 

So, what is an AR Filter?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience that allows for an enhanced reality with computer-generated images. Instagram AR filters work much the same – they alter or enhance what the camera would normally capture in a frame. From as simple as enhancing colours, to having an interactive quiz-like game, the capabilities of AR filters just keep getting better.

Why create a custom Instagram AR filter?

You might think Instagram filters are reserved for special occasions or to make your skin look flawless, and while this can be true, there is a much more powerful reason, organic brand traffic. 

When you create a custom AR filter on Instagram, you connect your brand’s name and account to the filter and anyone who uses your filter, or comes into contact with it, will see your brand information. The potential is unlimited, and the best part is, you can virtually create anything you like.

1 – Increase Engagement

The most valuable benefit of AR filters. The engagement generated for your brand is unmatched via this incredibly shareable feature.

2 – Build Brand Awareness

Once an Instagram story is posted using your AR filter, users’ followers can easily access it for themselves, resulting in interaction of your brand and page.

3 – Endless Options

Face filters, make-up filters, games, 2D/3D objects, try-on products, background effects and more. AR Filters are getting faster and more dynamic, and the capabilities of AR available to brands just keeps expanding.

4 – Trackable Analytics

AR filters have the potential for millions of impressions and shares, and Instagram provides access to detailed analytics enabling you to truly understand your audience.

Aside from this, the organic brand visibility and reach achieved through Instagram filters is undeniable. If you create a fun filter for your brand, users will want to use and share your filter, essentially sharing your brand to their followers. Not only do filters stay on your business’ page under the dedicated filter section, but they will then be part of your audience’s stories, gaining visibility from other users, and are also savable into a users filter gallery, giving your brand’s filter use over and over again.

Our Clients

Check out the below filters we recently created for our clients; Rixx Sunglasses and Concha.