October 20, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Tips
Top 3 Benefits of Having A Blog

Posting blogs is often overshadowed by other digital marketing tactics such as social media marketing and paid advertisements; after all, these methods tend to reap a more immediate return on investment. However, if you know how to create blogs that are informative, relevant and succinct, you will open your company up to a whole new world of benefits. Here are three reasons why you should never underestimate the power of blogs. 

#1: Blogs drive new traffic to your website

The first step in understanding the value of blogs is to view each blog post as a new opportunity to appear in search engines and organically drive traffic to your website. Blogs are excellent for search engine optimisation as by writing content that is relevant to your industry, you are increasing the number of times that relevant search terms appear on your website. Regularly posting topical blogs also increases the number of pages that your website has, showing Google that your website is active.

On top of this, if your blog post is really interesting, you’ve just created content that people can easily share across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn; this can expose your business to a whole new audience! The key is to write blog posts that are timely and use succinct, accessible language.

#2: Blogs can convert traffic into leads

Now that you’ve attracted new traffic to your website, it’s time to convert this into leads for your company. All you have to do in order to optimise your blogs’ value is include a lead-generating call-to-action (CTA). Common and effective examples of lead-generating CTAs are inviting readers to enter their contact information, sign up to your e-newsletter, download a free ebook, or purchase a free trial. 

#3: Blogs help to build rapport with prospects

Blogs are a simple method of delivering a high standard of customer service and building a rapport with potential customers. By simply having a blog section that regularly covers relevant topics, you are showing prospects that your company values its customers enough to offer advice, news and tips for free. For potential customers, this will set your company apart from the get-go by showing that you have gone the extra mile to offer maximum value through your website.

Blogs are also the perfect avenue for sharing your company’s thoughts and opinions on anything from breaking news in your industry to changes affecting your services or products. This shows that not only is your business passionate and eager to help, but there are also relatable, knowledgeable people that exist behind the website.

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