August 17, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web Design

Almost a year and a half has passed since Covid has changed life as we know it.  The impact of COVID-19 has been multifaceted. One of the major impacts witnessed is the financial and economic strain on businesses globally. Covid has revolutionised the way several small to medium businesses operate daily and has propelled a transition from providing face-to-face services and sales to online services and sales.

The digital marketing landscape has never before been more important than ever as it is today. With social distancing becoming the new norm most businesses are experiencing a transition into the digital space and have begun capitalising on the world wide web/ internet space to connect with their customers and offer their services.

It is no surprise that having a strong online presence is vital for most businesses today. This is needless to say that you need to necessarily have a presence on all platforms. It is important to first and foremost understand which platforms are heavily utilised by your target consumers. Based on this information ensure you select those appropriate digital platforms that have the potential to bring value and a return on investment to your business. A strong digital presence comprises of having a website, social media platforms (more specifically Facebook and Instagram) and potentially utilising Google AdWords to tap into all your audience databases.

For a website the first rule of thumb is to curate an aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional website with relevant content to relay to clients what your brand is all about and showcase your offerings. Second, setting up and posting regularly on your social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram), running Facebook and Instagram Ads and linking your social media accounts to your website is way to extend and integrate your reach towards other digital platforms. Another essential platform to capitalise on is the Google Network, more specifically Google’s Display, Search & Video Ads.  Establishing your brand across these digital spaces will set the foundation you need to cater to/ offer your products and services to your potential customers.

The team at Word of Mouth Agency have been serving and assisting several businesses across the Perth metro region and beyond in their digital marketing initiatives right from building the brand, websites, setting up social media accounts, running Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads and even managing Public Relations for our clients. 

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing requirements or even to get some assistance to get your brand setup across all digital platforms and integrated correctly with your website, feel free to shoot us a message at Word of Mouth Agency and we will be happy to help you  build a strong digital presence, run digital marketing campaigns to generate a positive amount of return and stand out from your competitors.