August 12, 2018 | Digital Marketing
Online marketing with an agency

Regardless if you are running a small business or you are a freelancer online. You have to understand that online brand reputation is crucial in today’s time. Anyone can easily search your name or your brand and see how others see your products and services. So why exactly should you improve your reputation online?

Tough Competition

The first reason why you want your online reputation to be spotless is the fact that virtually every business is now online. This means that you can expect it to be tougher to convince a new customer to head towards your direction. When you have other companies doing their own social media marketing and online marketing strategies, your online reputation can help you stand out against other companies.

Online Reviews are As Good As Personal Recommendation

You have to take online reviews seriously mainly because it is a modern form of word-of-mouth marketing. 84% of people online view online reviews to be as good as a personal recommendation.
What exactly should you be doing if there is a negative review about your company online? First, you have to address the problem. You want to apologize to the customer as well and even offer discounts and freebies to them. This sends a signal that you are sincere how your customers feel about your products/services.

Get more sales

This is a no-brainer. Once you have captured the attention of your audience and once they trust your company enough, you can get more sales. This is especially important for businesses that are still starting or those that are trying to recover from losses. Sometimes, your products and your services are good, but your online presence isn’t enough to get more people to your business.

Try to be proactive when it comes to building your reputation. Perhaps, you can incentivize your customers by giving them a discount in exchange for leaving a review on your social media? In some instances, you can even encourage them to share your products online for free.

Have control of your budget

When it comes to Facebook marketing, both small and large companies can benefit from this function by Facebook because you have control on your budget. This way, you can control just how much you are going to spend daily. You can even start a campaign for the entire week for as low as $10.

Get more work

Online reputation isn’t only for businesses. It can also come in handy for professionals. If you are a freelancer, you can get more work by making sure that you get good reviews from your past clients.

Widen your network

A lot of people today are using social media in order to build their reputation online. Social media campaigns can also be a way to improve your reputation online. And at the same time, what it can do is to help widen your network. This means that you can get new customers and even get introduced to a new niche market.

These are just a few reasons why you should pay close attention to your online reputation. Every business and professional should take the time to Google their name once in a while to be sure that their reputation is spotless. In case there is a negative review about your company, always be open to suggestions. A lot of times, you can still sway a customer’s opinion.