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The Future of

Instagram Marketing – AR Filters!

Augmented Reality is the present and the future of media and marketing. Expand your sales funnel and tap into the virtual world.

AR filters are a great way to engage with your audience and deliver your brand message. In 2019, Instagram and Facebook adopted AR filters onto their platforms, and since then the filter game just keeps expanding. Brands use AR filters to not only engage and entertain their audience but to also deliver important branding messages.

With unmatched brand visibility and limitless reach, a customised filter is a no-brainer for brands wanting to expand their consumer base and increase online engagement. AR filters not only allow you to set your brand’s style, flair and tone of voice, but it also allows users to naturally become an ambassador for your brand, increasing organic reach.

Whether it’s a virtual try-on filter, a colour adjustment filter, a brand-based photo frame, a beautifying filter a quiz or game… we have the tools to create the right filter for you!

Increase Engagement

The most valuable benefit of AR filters, the engagement generated for your brand is unmatched via this incredibly shareable feature.

Build Brand Awareness

Once an Instagram story is posted using your AR filter, followers can easily access it for themselves, resulting in brand and page interaction.

Endless Options

Face filters, make-up filters, games, 2D/3D objects, try-on products, background effects and more. AR Filters are getting faster and more dynamic, and the capabilities just keep expanding.

Trackable Analytics

AR filters have the potential for millions of impressions and shares, and Instagram provides access to detailed analytics enabling you to truly understand your audience.

How we do

Our AR Filter Process

At Word Of Mouth Agency, we work with brands to create, design, and develop AR filters that will not only engage and excite your audience but turn them into active brand ambassadors.

Our team will collaborate with you to design and execute the AR filter of your dreams, not only to represent your brand but to perfectly resonate with your audience. We thrive on discussing out-of-the-box ideas, and with our industry experience and knowledge, nothing is off the table!

Together with our other services such as social media advertising and influencer strategies, we help achieve your goals, together.