Content Creation

Content Is King! Be A Shepherd, Not A Sheep

For content that starts trends and doesn’t simply follow them.

We make content that starts trends and attracts customers through originality.
You can’t go anywhere these days without noticing content. Everywhere you look, it’s there ready to be consumed by the hungry public. High quality content keeps your brand name at the front of the public’s mind. However, the need to constantly produce can be time-consuming.
At Word of Mouth Agency, we collaborate with your business to create content that tells your story in new and interactive ways. We continue to review your content and expand your narrative in a way that is both captivating and original.


There’s something incredibly rewarding about the creative process and it’s even more rewarding when it's shared. We marry your ideas and ours to create a finished product that you’ll be able to say you came up with yourself.


If you’re marketing on different platforms, it's important to know the nuances of when and where to post your content. We create platform specific content that conveys a consistent message to different audiences.


Unprepared content is unappealing. We put the time and effort into the aesthetic side of content so that it pops out to your audience. Attractive content attracts.


Half-hearted planning leads to inconsistent and vague messaging. Your audience won’t be able to follow or fall in love. Our content plans keep your content clear and aligned when telling your story.

Our Content Creation Process

Stay ahead of the curve. At Word of Mouth Agency, we don’t believe in creating content purely for the sake of it. Your social content shouldn’t just follow what competitors are doing. We collaborate with you to come up with original concepts that ooze you. We offer photography packages where we shoot products, restaurants, your office, or even portraits of your employees and business. Our videography packages include highlight videos that showcase the story behind your brand. Have an idea that’s a little bit outside of the box? We want to help give it a life of its own. We are open to discussing all ideas and bringing new ones to the table ourselves. Our internal photographers and videographers work right by your side to create a finished product we’re all happy with and which can be distributed across your online and offline channels.


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