Influencer Marketing

Our Influencer Campaigns Know How To Spread The Word

Influencer marketing may seem like a publicity stunt but through careful and considered planning we make it a collaboration.

Let us play matchmaker for your brand and bring in guaranteed content, tags and follows.
You have the story; let us find its spokesperson. Influencer marketing isn’t as simple as a one size fits all. If performed without thought and planning, then it can be labelled as a publicity stunt. At Word of Mouth Agency, we match your key values with a voice that can attract a new following to your service. Our list of contacts is extensive, meaning any influencer solution is suggested purely because we know it works. The content we create with influencers will not only drive engagement and followers, but also reinforce the authenticity you’ve worked hard to establish.

Niche Content

Create something that competitors can’t steal. Through unique calls to action, influencer marketing can provide your brand with a wealth of user-generated organic content.

Brand Awareness

It’s hard to be a solution when people don’t know there’s a problem. When they think of a problem or a hole in their life, you should be their plug. Being plugged can lead to being the plug.


Effective brand placement not only gets you into the mind of the consumer but creates a sense of trust that an influencer shares with their audience.

Strategic Campaigns

We don’t recommend you to an influencer for the sake of it. All campaigns are research and data driven. We strategically match you with an influencer and create content that will resonate with both audiences.

Our Influencer Marketing Process

Our Perth influencer packages are calculated and thorough. You have to understand the client to generate the swell – we take time to sit down and learn your needs and requirements. Our influencer strategies are made exclusive to your brand. The type of influencer and package we set you up with will depend on your brand and industry. We offer anything from influencer events to utilising influencers for photoshoots and videography that showcases your business’ offering. We have relationships with influencers who are known within special interest circles – we have a great chance of matching one in an area suitable for your business. Drive your engagement through guaranteed content and tags. Our packages are built for any level of commitment, there is no lock in plans - select a one off for an instant boost or an on-going plan for a sustained approach.


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