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Well Thought Out Social Media Advertising Can Stretch Limited Budgets

We guarantee results and high levels of engagement through our paid social media advertising packages. Don’t get caught in the algorithm lottery.

The algorithm doesn’t care about your organic reach. Staying connected through posts is great but the metaphoric hit and hope won’t get you very far. Our paid social media advertising packages are made with Perth businesses in mind. They are targeted and strategic so we can gain insights and continue hitting responsive audiences. Our Facebook Ads can be aimed for users scrolling through an Instagram feed all the way to what they see on the sidebar of the Facebook home screen with each Ad tailor fit for purpose.


There is no Hail Mary system here at Word Of Mouth Agency. We target your advertising so that it ends it up front of those who will actually engage.


Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed, no matter if it was clicked or not. We deliver direct content to your customer's feed and jog their memory through impressions.


There is no point advertising on a whim. Our strategy is focused on driving results for your brand and with carefully considered framing we guarantee this. It’s good to know everything down to the last letter or pixel has been actioned with your brand’s end game in mind.

Return On Investment

An increase in engagement means that you are pulling at the interest strings of your audience and more often than not that will lead to revenue returns. A well targeted audience leads to the right people finding what they are after.

How we do

Our Paid Social Media Ad Process

Our paid social media plans manage sponsored ads for your business. We analyse competitors and comb through data to narrow specific audience attributes and location and send them your way. Identifying the habits and online behaviours of your targets is a crucial component when timing sponsored ads. To assist in understanding the habits of your audience, we set up lead ads to gather and request information. We can devise and give you a detailed recommendation for monthly spend so you stay in control of the business’ back pocket.


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