Domain Names & Website Hosting

Let Us Take Care Of Your Domain Name And The Nitty Gritty Of Website Hosting

Get on with what you do best - running your business.

We take care of domain registrations and the storage of your website’s files so you can go about your day to day operations.

Want to get your web presence in order but don’t understand the ins and outs of the world wide web? We take care of the stressful sounding stuff so you can get on with what you know best – your brand! If you think of your website as a home, consider us your go to maintenance company. We can put you on the digital map and make sure you stay at your address, we store your files, keep your site safe and fully functional even when the world around is falling apart. Our Domain and Website Hosting services are a one stop shop for maintaining a happy and safe site and our packages are flexible to your needs and budget.


Keeping on top of the latest trends in an industry is something you can control but having to manage the latest security threats can seem impossible. We are on top of the most secure measures that offer both you and your customers a safe and secure experience.

Technical Support

We are always here to assist you. As a Perth based agency, you can call us directly during business hours instead of being locked out by the time differences of the Eastern seaboard.


It’s not unusual for things to go wrong, so we make sure to find the fix with every issue. We guarantee 99.9% Uptime, meaning your site stays functional and responsive every second of the day.


We have a 'no messing around' policy at Word of Mouth Agency. We value the trust and relationship of all clients providing a reliable service across the board.

Our Domain Names & Website Hosting Process

Many people may not realise this but starting a website takes a bit more than just throwing a “.com” at the end of your brand name. Your website address is known as a domain and requires an acquisition and management process. We offer complete management of this for you – purchasing and ensuring it remains in your possession. We can extend the service to website hosting, where we store your website files for you. Our packages ensure not just a secure and safe environment for you to operate in and visitors to explore but we offer continued support which includes on-going technical support. For an even more professional experience, we can create and provide you with custom domain name email hosting services. These will maintain the continuity of your business and add a sense of optic credibility. We are a business just like you and we understand that the world doesn’t operate as routinely as we’d want, so our pricing solutions aren’t rigid and can be tailored to your budget.


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