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You have a unique voice. Find its audience.
They say everyone knows everyone in Perth and that we’re like a large country town. This means it’s more important than ever to see your customer base as a community rather than a transaction. Social media marketing is the most effective way of personalising your engagement with a virtual audience across multiple platforms.
Here at Word of Mouth Agency, we strive to integrate your business’s values with your social media presence. Through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, effective social media marketing isn’t just about advertisements; it’s about telling a story and elevating your brand from an afterthought to a first thought.


We prioritise constantly listening and discussing all ideas with you. This ensures that we understand your business, your voice, and how it can be best presented.


We build strategies tailored specifically to the goals and outcomes of our collaboration. Once approved content is executed, we continue to analyse the performance of your social media platforms. This will both identify and inform future content that we design to solidify your messaging.


We have an in-built team of creatives for your business’s content. Our team members are specialists in their fields whose sole purpose is to bring your voice and ideas to life and authentically engage your audiences.


This is the process of ensuring a clear and visually dynamic experience for your audience, as well as keeping your voice consistent across all platforms. While the content produced for Instagram will probably differ to that for LinkedIn, the voice will always remain yours.

Our Social Media Perth Company Process

As the consummate storytellers that we are here at Word of Mouth Agency, we understand that no two stories are the same and should not be treated as such. We offer a variety of social media management packages tailored to fit any business. We plan, manage, execute and review content that effectively engages your audience and increases traffic to your brand. We are in the business of ensuring your story evolves over time. We offer other social media services such as influencer strategies to amplify your message or campaign and content creation through professional photography and videography. If you would like to increase leads to your business, we also offer paid social media advertising services.


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Paid Social Media Advertising

We guarantee results and high levels of engagement through paid social media advertising.
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Influencer Marketing

You have the story, let us play matchmaker in finding its spokesperson.
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Content Creation

We collaborate with your business to create content that tells your story in new and interactive ways.
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Still Got Questions?

What kind of social media marketing packages do you offer?

Our social media packages are monthly with a minimum three month contract. Our Setup package is for businesses that don’t have any existing social media pages; we ensure that your business starts off on the right foot by laying the groundwork. Our Starter and Advanced packages cater for businesses of all sizes and aim for brand awareness and enhanced social media presence. We can also create a tailored solution for your business.

Why would I pay for social media marketing when I can post on Instagram and Facebook for free?

While you can accomplish a lot on Facebook and Instagram for free, there are number of ‘behind-the-scenes’ tactics that our social media experts thrive in to deliver a consistent growth strategy across your socials. The truth is that relying on organic content often results in your posts getting lost in the algorithm. If you’ll like to reach a wider audience, our paid social media advertising packages are targeted and specific, focused on gaining insights and targeting responsive audiences.

Does my brand need to be on every social media platform?

There are too many social media platforms out there for your brand to be present on every single one; however, we all know that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn rule the roost. We analyse your business and industry to determine which social media platforms you should channel your time and resources into for the best return on investment.

What’s the best social media platform to use for building my brand?

Depending on your industry, we recommend the platforms that will give you the best results and engagement. For example, a family-owned burger joint will probably funnel their time and resources into different social media platforms to a real estate company. Our team at Word of Mouth Agency will go the extra mile to analyse your industry and discern the most effective social media platforms for expanding your brand.

How do I gain authentic followers that will engage with my posts?

Being active, responding to comments, and even running giveaways are some proven ways of organically growing your social media following. However, it’s essential to remember that patience is key. Prioritise quality over quantity and remember that it’s often better for your following to be small yet engaged rather than large but dormant.

Will you take the photos and videos to use for my business’s social media marketing, or do I have to provide them?

We work with a variety of internal photographers and videographers, which are additional services on top of our packages. We can come up with complete photo and video briefs to make sure we get ‘the shot’. If you have externally sourced imagery, that’s also fine! As long as they’re high resolution and align with your brand values, we’ll let you know if they’re good to use.

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