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Perth, Feel The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Remove degrees of separation between you and your customer base.

You have a unique voice. Find it's audience.
They say everyone knows everyone in Perth, that we are like a large country town. In this sense, it’s even more important to steer away from seeing your customer base as a transaction and more like a community. Social media marketing is the most effective way of humanizing your engagement with a virtual audience, across multiple platforms.
Here at Word of Mouth Agency, we strive to integrate your business’s values through your social voice. From Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn, effective social media marketing doesn’t pester with advertisements, it tells a story and can transform you from an afterthought to a first thought.


The process of constantly listening and discussing with you. This ensures that there is a clear understanding of your business and your voice and how it is best presented.


We build strategies tailored specifically to the goals and outcomes of our collaboration. Once approved content is executed, we continue to analyse the performance of your social platforms. This will both identify and inform future content designed to solidify your messaging.


We have an in-built team of creatives for your business’ content. Our team are specialists in their fields whose sole purpose is to give your voice and ideas a visual life and engage your audience in an authentic way.


This is the process of not only ensuring a clear and visually dynamic experience for your audience but keep your voice consistent across all chosen platforms. The content produced for Instagram may differ from LinkedIn, but the voice will always remain yours.

Our Social Media Marketing Process

As the consummate story tellers that we are here at Word of Mouth Agency, we understand that no two stories are the same and should not be treated as such. We offer a variety of social media management packages tailored to fit any business. We plan, manage, execute and review content that effectively engages your audience and increases traffic to your brand. We are in the business of ensuring your story evolves over time. We offer other social media services such as Influencer Strategies to amplify your message or campaign, Content Creation through professional Photography & highlight video Videography. If you’d like to increase leads to your business, we also offer Paid Social Media Advertising services.


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Paid Social Media Advertising

We guarantee results and high levels of engagement through paid social media advertising.
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Influencer Marketing

You have the story, let us play matchmaker in finding its spokesperson.
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Content Creation

We collaborate with your business to create content that tells your story in new and interactive ways.
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