Email Marketing

Clear And Effective Email Marketing Communication Leads To Thriving Relationships

Email marketing is a great extension to other story telling methods.

"If only I'd just messaged..."
Gone are the days of straight up and down, old fashioned direct marketing techniques and advertisements. People don’t want to be told, they need to be taken on a journey, they need to understand your brand. You have to get creative if you want to pierce and retain the market. Email marketing is a simple and effective way of keeping customers engaged and aware of the big waves your business is making. We offer email marketing solutions that function as another arm of your story-telling journey.

Relationship Building

Generating leads is great but gaining loyalty to your brand can establish long term relationships. Continue your brand storytelling and engage your audience with call to actions that build a sense of community.


Through observations, we can filter recipients and individualise promotions based on their interaction habits. Offer promotions to clients that they will actually take up.

Targeted Content

Through analytics and investigation, we can target content to the right audience member, meaning your interactions will not read as spam, but interesting and engaging content.


Email marketing is effective when its quality. Understanding what messages are getting across helps us evolve and improve further communication. Through analytic tools, we find out what interactions generate involvement and report this back to you.

Our Email Marketing Process

Want to retain clientele and create customer loyalty? Our email marketing solutions are built with these very possibilities in mind. We can set up custom subscriber lists or email marketing strategies that help clients follow your story and get access to updates to keep them full bottle with your business. Through customer behaviour analysis, email marketing strategies can be used as a re-marketing tool to create personalized promotions. Word of Mouth Agency wants to bridge the gap in business/customer relations, our tailored campaigns use creative methods to find ways of keeping your business in the minds of your customers.


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