It can be frustrating for a lot of companies when they don’t get the traffic that they want. You might be having a huge influx of traffic on your website, but you are still not getting the results you want. Word of Mouth offers Google-accredited Adwords management Perth. What our AdWords management agency brings to the table is the ability not just to generate traffic but get high-quality leads.

Word of Mouth Agency is the best PPC agency that can help you with Google AdWords management. Through our expertise, you get targeted website visitors coming to your website; even calling you directly thanks to a tailored pay-per-click campaign.

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What We Can Offer You

Past clients, and maybe even you, hesitate knowing that you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. In reality, it is a scientific approach backed by numbers.

When you get it right, you can have qualified traffic for a minimal cost. Word of Mouth is a Google AdWords Agency with more than enough experience in the industry. We can help make sure that you approach Google Adwords with optimum efficiency.

What makes our experts different from the rest is their ability to set up, optimise, manage, and analyse your campaign. Word of Mouth can help you identify your target audience, as well as, write and schedule your ads to ensure that your traffic converts.

Google Adwords Management

SEO is popular, and it’s the best way to get organic traffic to your website. But if you aren’t inclined to wait and you need web traffic now, then a pay per click agency with the experience to manage your Google Ads is what you need. Through expert adwords management, you get targeted website visitors coming to your website; even calling you directly thanks to a tailored pay-per-click campaigns.

Google AdWords Search Network

Word of Mouth is also an AdWords Management agency, dealing with the creation and optimisation of PPC campaigns aside from SEO. With the right PPC strategies guiding your business, you brand can rank 1st place on Google’s search rankings very fast. There are no tricks. It’s just plain strategy and proper optimisation. At Word of Mouth, we take the time to learn your business goals. By understanding, we shall help you fulfill them, step by step.

Google Display Network Advertising

You can lower your advertising costs and reach a wider audience through Google’s display network advertising. You can target online publications and niches for your industry or target demographic areas. Display marketing helps keep your brand fresh and always in your users’ minds.

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Word Of Mouth Agency Received 5 Stars from 40 clients on Google

  • It was a pleasure to work with Word of Mouth, from the initial consult they constantly communicated with us keeping us in the loop with any changes or adjustment. Very happy with the final result of our website and the service provided.

    Audiovisual Products Online

    Owner β€” Audiovisual Products Online

    Audiovisual Products Online
  • Word of Mouth are reliable, approachable and knowledgeable about the digital marketing industry! It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside them to further my business and improve my website design whilst also learning new creative tips and tricks in the digital space. Over the past few months, I’ve been very impressed with their performance and attention to detail across all aspects. They’re a passionate and professional local agency. For anyone looking to improve their digital presence these are your guys! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for results.

    Ryan Poletti

    Owner β€” Perth Interior Fitouts Review

    Ryan Poletti
  • It is a pleasure working with WoM to build a profile on Instagram that our small, family business can be proud of. WoM have assisted us in the development of our Instagram marketing strategies and demonstrated how best to maximise its features to gain followers. The guys have inspired us to engage and interact with our account and network with other Instagram users.Β  But, most of all,Β they have encouraged us to have fun with the process!

    Renee Lenzarini

    Marketing & Customer Relations Manager β€” Golden Ravioli Review

    Renee Lenzarini

Why Choose Us

Spending your money on advertising can be challenging especially for those that don’t have a large marketing budget. If you wish to spend your money wisely, then why not go and try our AdWords management service?

When it comes to AdWords management, we have worked with a great number of clients in Perth over the years. And also, we know exactly how to use AdWords to our clients’ advantage. If you want an honest and transparent approach to Google AdWords management, feel free to contact us and we are more than happy to help you.

No lock in contracts:

It takes time to build trust. And we get that. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving you high-quality services without any lock-in contracts.

Closely monitored results:

We take pride in providing you with regular reports and taking a transparent approach. You can track the progress of your campaign, and see real results as your clicks increase.

An exclusive account manager:

Hop on board with Word of Mouth Agenc, and you get yourself and exclusive account manager. They will work closely with you and your business so you get the awesome results you were promised.

To focus on growth:

Word of Mouth is made of digital marketing specialists who use the latest techniques and equipped with research to continually optimise your PPC campaign to the very best it can be.

FAQ for Google AdWords Management

Do you know how many people really click on ads?

Not an exact number, per se. The number of people clicking on ads vary from one ad to another. However, you can rest assured that PPC ads receive an ample number of clicks. In fact, studies have shown that 65% of all clicks made by users who intend to purchase something go to paid ads. And the top 3 paid advertising spots get 46% of the clicks on the page.

Will my listings appear within the search engine results?

Yes, it will. But the location of your ads will depend on your desired area of placement. It also depends on the amount of competition that exists for that search term that you’re bidding on. You can end up on the first page or the third page, etc.; depending on the outcome of the auction. Wherever your ads are relevant, Google will display them.

What's the difference between Impression Share and Quality Score?

Quality Score is a score from 1 through 10. You receive that and it indicates the quality of your ads. This comprises expected CTR, ad relevance, and landing page user experience. Impression Share, on the other hand, is the number of times your ad was shown to someone divided by the number of times it was eligible to be shown.


If the competitors click on my ads, do I have to pay for their clicks?

There’s a term for that, and it’s called ‘click fraud’. The good news is that Google has a few methods that will keep this from happening. If bots are being used to continuously click on ads, Google blocks activity from its IP address. You won’t have to pay for any clicks from that specific address. But if the ad is clicked on manually, it will count as a normal click. You can still manually block clicks from specific IP addresses, meaning you can stop your competitors from using up valuable budget.

Is there a difference between SEM and PPC?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It comprises of all marketing that can be related to a search engine, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. This type of marketing relates to search (text ads), ads in Google Maps, Google Shopping ads, the Google Display Network, and even YouTube.

PPC stands for Pay-per-click. It’s the traditional way of paying for a search ads campaign. You jump into an auction, and if someone clicks on your ad, you pay for that click. There are other ways to pay for your ads in SEM, like cost-per-impressions, cost-per-view, or even cost-per-conversion.


Is Google Maps a part of Google Ads?

In a way, yes. In Google Ads, you can use location extensions which tie in with Google Maps and Google My Business. This is so when someone searches in Google Maps for businesses like yours, your ads will show up on their searches.

How much would I pay if someone clicks on my Google Ad?

It depends on your bidding strategy. In other words, you set up a maximum that you would want to pay. Google can spend up to 20% more for that bid.

Can I track the progress of my PPC campaign?

Yes you can. You can do it by yourself, or you can leave the tracking to us, and we’ll give you reports on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly).