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Word of Mouth Agency is a one stop shop for all graphic design needs.

We take the time to establish your visual identity. Let us draw it out for you.
Take your name from word art to world class. We know you are more than just a pretty face – but to get people to know you, you need to get their attention. We get Perth – and we’ve seen its best visual representations. Let our team bring your great business ideas to life. We offer many services that help create and maintain your visual identity for any context. From copy to layout to font, we are your one stop agency for a striking visual representation that will be recognised around Perth (…and beyond).


Continuity is key. Your ideas will be worked on by the same in-house team, meaning crucial information isn’t lost in translation. This will lead to a consistent and cohesive final product.


Put an image to your ethos and create a visual identity. Your identity is more than a logo, its matching the right font, image, website layout – we ensure you are covered across the board.


Be the brand that everyone thinks of when they need a service or product like yours.


If attention spans are shorter but picture tells a thousand words then the problem is solved, right? We help convey what you stand for through image. Communicate your business’ values and services visually for the preoccupied customer.

Our Graphic Design Company Process

Give us your copy and information and let us turn it into a work of art. We build creative designs that align your brand to something memorable. Our graphic design packages are a great way to visually showcase your brand values. Our services include logo design, print design in any form, packaging options, social media graphics and publication. The average attention span of a consumer is decreasing rapidly, we can help you get your message across – even in the midst of a frenzied scroll on Instagram. Stand out, all the time.


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We cover branding and everything in between! We are ready to bring your business venture to life.
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Logo Design

Let us design your logo to differentiate your business from the rest.
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