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A strong branding can give your company the ability to stand out from the rest of the other businesses in your industry. This tricky and often times difficult process can be worth it as branding help build your company’s comprehensive influence to your audience.


The reality is that branding goes beyond your logo. It involves the choice of fonts, to the copy that you use with your tagline. It even comprises the color that you choose to have on your website. It’s the emotional attachment that your market has to your product, service, and your company. Branding is a reflection of what you stand for as a company.


Word of Mouth is the premier corporate branding Perth company that has helped countless businesses and individuals improve their branding from scratch. We are experts in designing logos, stationary, packaging, and even turning your brand into a digital website present. With our experience as a branding agency, we can make sure that all these elements work in harmony to achieve the best impression for your business or even for your persona online.

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Our Branding Process

One of the biggest dilemmas of businesses and even professionals online is how to have a good consistent brand for their company?


Consistency is key towards good branding. A consistent branding can help amplify the retention that you can get from your market. From colors to the values that you want to communicate to your audience, these are some things that should consistently be present in your branding.


With Word of Mouth’s experience as a branding company, we can help give a bespoke solution to your branding concerns. We can help you build a corporate identity that matches your vision and your overall branding strategy. This way, you can attract the right market and improve overall retention to those who come across your company.

Be Different From the Rest!

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What makes Word of Mouth different from the rest of the top branding agencies in Perth is our ability to take a closer look at our clients and formulate creative branding solution for them.


This allows them to not only be different. It allows them to stand out and look superior from the rest of their competition.


We have an in-house team of graphic designers, social media, web designers, SEO, and Adwords experts who can help every business achieve the branding that they have in mind. You can guarantee that each of professional who works on your branding is well trained and experienced in their craft.

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We don’t offer a basic one-size-fits-all approach to businesses, organizations, and individuals who seek our services. Each client is treated differently by Word of Mouth. What this means is that you will have our full attention every step of the way.


As experts in branding development Perth, we can come up with a bespoke strategy that applies to your vision. We take the time to listen to each client in order to ensure that your company’s branding matches your expectations. We also study the market and take note of your competitors’ approaches in their branding. From here, we can provide you with ideas that can help improve your overall branding.


Our years in the business have helped a lot of companies elevate their status in their niche. We’ve worked with companies of different sizes. We enjoyed working with startups to struggling businesses in need of re-branding.

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