May 30, 2023 | News

The WOM team had an enchanting evening at the Campaign Brief Oasis Ball, leaving us with memories that will last a lifetime. It was a night of pure delight, where glitz, glamour, marketing prowess, and, let’s be honest, a generous amount of champagne, all melded together to create an extraordinary experience.

This event not only allowed us to connect with other esteemed agencies in Perth but also provided us with a glimpse into the awe-inspiring talent that permeates our local community.

The atmosphere in the room was simply electric. The collective passion for creativity and innovation reverberated through the air, sparking a fire within each and every one of us. As we engaged in conversations with our peers, we were reminded of the incredible work happening right here in Western Australia. The diverse projects and campaigns that unfolded over the past year showcased the remarkable talent that resides in our own backyard.

This year has been nothing short of transformative for us. With great anticipation and excitement, we took the bold step to rebrand Word Of Mouth Agency, ushering in the next generation of marketing. Embracing cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies, we embarked on a journey to redefine our approach and set new industry standards. Countless hours were dedicated to refining our skills, staying ahead of the curve, and ensuring that we continue to provide exceptional services to our clients.

We couldn’t be prouder of our team and their unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and relentless pursuit of excellence is what sets us apart. Each member has contributed their unique talents and expertise, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the marketing realm. Our presence at the Campaign Brief Oasis Ball served as a testament to their hard work and dedication.

The evening provided a well-deserved break for the team to come together and let loose on the dance floor. Admittedly, not all of us were born with natural rhythm, but that didn’t stop us from embracing the music and celebrating our achievements. The dance floor became a vibrant space where laughter, camaraderie, and shared experiences melded into a beautiful tapestry of celebration.

As we reflect on the events of that unforgettable night, we are reminded of the power of community and the importance of fostering connections within our industry. The Campaign Brief Oasis Ball allowed us to witness firsthand the wealth of talent and creativity that exists in our local sphere. It served as a powerful reminder of the incredible potential that lies within each of us.

We can’t wait for next year!