March 17, 2023 | Life Style, News

Experience a new era of Indian cuisine at Gogo’s – the Indian Tapas Bar in South Perth.

The Word Of Mouth Agency team has been working closely with Gogo, his wife Sharen and two daughters Gwynette and Sarah, to help launch dinner service at world-famous Chef Gogo’s new venture – Gogo’s South Perth.

Last night, was a night not to be missed! With tapas and drinks flowing all night, each item had been created to introduce the flavours of his new menu and was paired with wines personally selected by Gogo himself.

The event was a huge success with friends and family attending, people who have been following Gogo throughout the years, and the new generation of Perth foodies. Mayor of South Perth, Greg Milner, says, “It is a joy to see another fantastic local business joining our City of South Perth community, adding vibrancy and cosmopolitan flair to our area.”

We were lucky to work with such an incredible family on this launch, and can’t wait for everyone to experience these flavours for themselves!

Pictured: Lucas Faim, Magan Hurrelbrink, Mayor Greg Milner, Michelle Rachilla, Adam Perich, and Ryan Khong

About Gogo’s South Perth

Founded by the experienced and world-famous Chef Gogo, who has worked in some of the world’s best Indian restaurants including Bukhara and Dumpukht, Gogo’s South Perth offers a unique and elevated culinary experience that combines Indian hospitality, culture, and cuisine.

The new Gogo’s in South Perth is not your typical Indian restaurant. The café-style setting during the day integrates street food from all around the world into the menu. In the evening, Gogo’s transforms into an Indian tapas bar, where guests can experience a new era of Indian cuisine that reflects the fusion of Indian and Western Australian produce.

Chef Gogo takes pride in using Western Australian produce such as Linley Valley pork, King George whiting, Amelia Park lamb cutlets, free-range WA chicken, and local goat from butchers.

“Cooking is a combination of art and science. You need creativity and then apply science to it. Every spice carries a note. The way you combine the spices creates the music.” says Chef Gogo, whose goal is to deliver an elevated Indian cuisine experience to the Perth food scene.

He has also taken on the challenge of pairing wine with Indian food, marrying the idea of Indian cuisine with the wines he loves. Mixing his deep understanding of spices and how they interact with produce has enabled him to refine his dishes over the years, ensuring that each bite leaves you with a full-body experience.

“In the last 20 years, I’ve had a huge passion for wine. I wanted to take on the challenge of matching wine with Indian food. There are preconceived ideas that this cuisine is too powerful and spicy, making it difficult to pair. I’m here to change that.”

If you’re still not convinced, notable guests including top Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Kahn, Sir Ian McKallum, the Beach Boys, and most cricketers you can think of have dined at Gogo’s (previously Gogo’s Madras Curry House in Mount Lawley which had to close its doors due to COVID).

Chef Gogo has catered for the Australian cricket team and was invited to cater for Sachin Tendulkar’s event where he flew 300 Western Australian lamb cutlets to be prepared for the event in India!

And if that’s not enough, you may have caught Chef Gogo on TV where he has been featured in shows cooking with Matthew Hayden, Ashley Hansen, Shannon Hurn, and Andrew Embley. He also had a cooking show on Channel 9 Postcards WA and on Channel 10 with Tim Gossage.

This is a new era of five-star hospitality, using experience from years of cooking worldwide and a deep-rooted love for food that evokes emotion. Get ready Perth, flavour is here!

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