January 19, 2024 | News

As 2023 draws to a close, we’re looking back at the most memorable moments at the office. We have grown in 2023 from a close-knit team of six to a collaborative and energetic team of eleven. It’s WOM-wrapped time. Ready? Let’s do this!

2023 was a year of growth. We brought more than 50 businesses to life! We’re so proud of the work we have done for our clients this past year, including building 12 websites for our clients – that’s one website launched each month!

The WOM team took a step back from our laptops and got in front of the camera for three photoshoots, including our WOM rebrand shoot, our Spread The Word Collection shoot and our 7th anniversary casino-themed shoot.

While away from the office, we got to spend our evenings attending seven launch events for our clients as well as the Campaign Brief Oasis Ball back in May.

Outside of the office, Adam and Ryan conquered the Cape to Cape trail together with Zero 2 Hero, taking 225,000+ steps and raising over $67,000.

Our WOM team (which is 72% Gen Z) took our TikTok to the next level, sharing 26 TikToks on our account and creating viral content for our clients! Honourable mention to the time a client came up to us and made our day by saying “I saw you on TikTok!”

This year we’ve been go-karting at Mega Fast Karts, gone out for team lunches and drinks at The Rowing Pavillion, and Lucy Luu, started an internal run club and were the first group in Perth to step into and complete Perth’s newest challenge rooms at Hijinx Hotel. Unfortunately, two of our team members fell over in the ball pit (I’m looking at you Magan and Alexis), but fortunately, we did catch it on camera and were able to share it online.

Our humble office saw the addition of an essential new appliance, we finally got an Air Fryer. We’ve enjoyed more than our fair share of chicken nuggets and chips for morning tea in the office. Lucas has never been happier – he might move into the office.

In September, the WOM team took a well-deserved family vaycay down to Dunsborough and stayed in what we like to dub “The Party House”. Drinking games, Mario Kart, family cook-ups (dishonourable mention to almost the entire team getting food poisoning because Adam undercooked half the burgers), and late-night deep-and-meaningfuls in our bedrooms. 

It wouldn’t be a douth trip without visiting some signature breweries and wineries. Shoutout to our wine tour bus driver and her BRAND NEW PUPPY BB WHO JOINED US!!! Best day ever! 

We’ve had lots of wins this year, but it can’t all be positive. Our WOM team’s cars may or may not have been cursed, as we have had a total of seven cars break down, two blown engines, two batteries die and one rear-ended. 

That was fun! 2024 is going to be even bigger and better. Same time next year?