August 7, 2016 | Branding
Desk with a pen and paper

When you are setting up a business, perfecting your brand, website design and marketing material is crucial. But as you get more heavily involved in servicing your customers it is so easy to forget to review your brand message and consider how your business presents itself to new customers.

So if you are keen to gain a little edge with your brand, take some time today to follow through with the 5 steps below:

1. Stand Out from the Crowd

You may be one of many businesses in your local area who is offering a similar product or service. Take 15 minutes today to examine your business model and identify what makes you different from your competitors. Does your product have any unique features? Do you take the services that your business provides to the next level?

Once you have established how you stand out from the crowd, make your audience and potential customer base aware of it. Make that quick phone call to your website designer today and be sure that this difference is being marketed in your website.

2. Consistency is Key

When was the last time you reviewed the brand message you are conveying to your customers in your marketing material and in your print, website and social media presence? Is the brand message consistent between all of them?

Take 30 minutes today to review all of your marketing and media presence. If you feel that your message may be getting lost, make a quick call to your advertising agency and express your concerns. They can make step in to make the changes to tighten up your brand presence across the board.

3. Flawless Customer Service

Customers appreciate quick, easy service and great communication. It isn’t always possible to respond to a new or existing customer’s queries immediately, but it is easy to let them know that you have received their message or email and that responding to it is a priority.

Use a tea or coffee break today to set up an automated response email and text message that can be sent to your customers as soon as they have made contact with you. Be sure to include an approximate time in which you intend to respond to them – customers will appreciate the reassurance.

4. Make Dealing with Your Business an Experience

No customer wants to think of themselves as just a number. Put some quick and simple initiatives into play today to let your customers know that they matter to you and to your business.

Set a policy in place today to send a thank you card to your customers when they do business with you. Start setting up calendar reminders for client birthdays and include a reminder to send them an email on that day. Take a video of you and your staff interacting in the office and post it to your blog or website this afternoon.

5. Get Some Feedback

Nothing speaks louder for your business’ brand than the voice of a satisfied customer.

Make sure to call or email 3 of your previous customers today and enquire as to whether they would be willing to provide a testimonial or review of your product or service. Make a quick phone call to your website designer and be sure that these testimonials are placed on your website as quickly as possible.