September 11, 2016 | Social Media
Twitter mobile application


Monday: Post a short 150-200 word blog to your website and feed a link to it through your Facebook page. Include a picture with your content to draw more people to engage with the post.
Tuesday: Run a health check on your business page. Is it time to change the profile or cover photo? Are you listing all of your contact details? Are the business hours listed?
Wednesday: It’s time for a video post! Make a 1-2 minute video informational video or try a “behind the scenes” shoot of what you get up to in your business each day.
Thursday: Once a month share an exclusive offer for Facebook followers only. Offer a small discount, run a competition or offer up information that would normally be reserved for paying clients.
Weekend: On Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays share a funny, fun or inspirational picture or meme. Make it appropriate to your business if you can, but anything that makes you smile will make your followers smile too!


Monday: Time to brand your Instagram posts! Create a hashtag that reflects your brand and must be used on all of your posts. Take the time to go back and include the hashtag in old posts as well.
Tuesday: Post a fan/follower photo or video. Has one of your followers recently posted a photo showing them using your product or service? Regram it!
Wednesday: Practise and develop your styling skills and take a really visually appealing photo to share with your followers. Items that you use in the photo should be synonymous with your business. If you are a writer, share a typography photo. If you are a dietician, share a photo of brightly coloured food.
Thursday: Post a video to your Instagram story from an event or seminar that you or one of your staff are attending, from inside your office, from your desk – anywhere where your followers can see how you operate your business from day to day.
Weekend: On Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays post a “behind the scenes” photo or video of what you are getting up to over the weekend.


Monday: Tweet about what your business is up to this week. Are you working on a special project? Preparing for an upcoming event? Participating in your first photo shoot? Let your followers know about it!
Tuesday: Follow 10 other Twitter accounts that you have recognised as influencers in your industry or regularly Tweet about a topic that you are interested in. Following another account is the best way to ensure a follow back!
Wednesday: Take the time to ensure that you have @replied to any Tweets directed to your account this week. Being seen to interact with your followers is important for establishing a strong Twitter presence.
Thursday: Check the search bar for any trending topics that you may wish to participate in. Be careful not to participate in any #trend that could be perceived as contentious or may be a sensitive issue.


Monday: Run a health check on your LinkedIn profile. Are you listing all of your experience? Is your contact information clear? Could you include a more professional profile photo?
Tuesday: Share the short blog post you wrote on Monday and shared on your Facebook page (if suitable).
Wednesday: Connect with 5 other professionals in your industry. Then connect with 10 other existing or potential customers.
Thursday: Join a LinkedIn group and participate! Answer or ask questions and/or share the short blog post you wrote on Monday and shared on your Facebook page (if suitable).


Monday: Take a regular Monday morning Snap and keep it real! Snap the 5 coffee cups it took to get you going that morning, or show the 207 emails you have sitting in your inbox.
Tuesday: Run an exclusive Snapchat follower offer once per month. Posting a one-off discount code to your Snapchat account creates a sense of urgency for your follower to head to your website and purchase straight away!
Wednesday: Run a health check on your Snapchat presence. Is your Snapchat handle listed on all of your other social media accounts? On your website?
Thursday: Snap a product or service preview to generate some buzz. It may be a long term project, but regularly showing your followers what you are working on will get them excited for its launch.
Weekend: On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays take snaps (keep it professional) of any business related activities you get up to!