Word Of Mouth Agency has worked with Grain Bakery for many years to create a personal brand experience through social media management, content creation via Reels, and professional photography. Grain Bakery is a family-run business owned by fourth-generation baker Shane Pallot. The bakery digs deep into the Pallot family’s story with sausage roll and pie recipes that have remained unchanged for 40 years, and a vintage dough sheeter in the bakery that goes back even further!

Everything is made in-house – from the dough to the chilli oil to the pale, vanilla-seed-flecked custard that’s piped into fluffy filled doughnuts. Mixing traditional baking techniques with new cutting-edge experimentation, it’s easy to see why they are one of Perth’s most popular bakeries.


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Our Services

The Word Of Mouth Agency social media team works closely with Grain Bakery to ensure the story behind the brand is reflected in everything that is posted online. We do this through content creation (professional photoshoots), monthly Reels (video production), and planned social media grids that focus on their high-quality products and the humans behind the counter.

Our goal with Grain Bakery is rich storytelling and increasing food traffic to their location. The copywriting and hashtag selection with each social media post has been researched to ensure it reaches the ideal target market and does not stray away from the brand identity.

The Outcome

Since taking over their social media (Facebook and Instagram), we’ve introduced regularly scheduled posts with professional content that has led to growth in page likes, followers, and engagement by 280%!

Grain Bakery has had an increase in overall brand awareness and foot traffic in-store, with new customers finding them via social media or through blog content. Many of their regular customers found Grain Bakery by coming across their Instagram feed, and mentioning that it “looked too good not to try.”