Kumo Perth

Word Of Mouth Agency began working with Kumo in July 2022 on a range of services, such as content creation via monthly photoshoots and videography, influencer outreach, social media strategy and management, and a complete restyling of their Instagram feed to be more aesthetic and engaging. We also provide occasional graphic design and digital marketing services for promotions and store displays.

Kumo is a specialty store serving up a range of fluffy Asian-inspired souffle pancakes, tiramisu cakes, and drinks. The name “Kumo” comes from the Japanese word “Kumo (雲)”, which means cloud – a metaphor for the “cloud-like”, “fluffy” pancakes the concept specialises in. You’ll find around half a dozen different souffle pancakes on Kumo’s menu, each suiting different flavour preferences, with limited edition flavours coming out throughout the year.


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Kumo Perth

Our Services

Our social media does more than just plan and schedule posts. We work closely with Kumo assisting with their ‘Flavour Of The Month’ which includes research on current trends, flavour combinations and name suggestions, monthly product photoshoots, and sending influencers to try menu items and create content.

We also provide them with occasional graphic design services for flyers/posters and social media tiles, and our digital marketing team will run awareness and reach campaigns across social media to promote a new menu item or competition.

Our main goal with Kumo is to ensure a standard of aesthetics and professionalism online. After all, we ‘eat with our eyes’ so if it doesn’t evoke a sudden urge to snap a pic and put it on Instagram, we try again.


The Outcome

Since taking over their social media (Facebook and Instagram), we’ve introduced regularly scheduled posts with professional content that has led to growth in page likes, followers, and engagement by 20% and a dramatic increase in popularity amongst the Perth audience.

Kumo has had an increase in overall brand awareness and foot traffic in-store, with new customers finding them via social media or through influencer content. The search terms ‘Kumo’ and ‘Japanese pancakes’ has increased by 35% since June 2022, which can be attributed to our provided services.

Kumo Perth
Kumo Perth