October 27, 2016 | Web Design
Pyro Design web design mockup

Whether you’re already in the web design business, considering trying your hand at web design, or thinking of employing a web designer, you probably realise there are a vast range of skills involved and some important points to remember.

Web design predominantly focuses on the design of a client’s website, and involves ongoing maintenance as well as production.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know just how important a digital presence is for your business – you really can’t do without it. In simple terms, a digital presence is BEING online, but these days just having a stagnant website isn’t enough.

Consumers have a range of digital channels at their fingertips, and more than ever before there are opportunities to engage with customers and build relationships.

As well as the various forms of social media, your website’s design and content plays a large role in your business. Your website needs to be modern, professional, and engaging. It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to monitor their website to ensure it captures where your company is going and engages with your target market.

Like most things, web design has trends. There is constant movement in web design and it can be difficult to keep up-to-date.

User experience, and content that is simple to use, responsive, and readily available is key. Web design that is streamlined and ensures customer satisfaction is imperative.

We’ve put together the following basic pointers that are relevant right now in regard to web design:

  1. Hero Images

Hero images are a great way to create a good first impression and build conversions. A hero image is a large banner image placed prominently on a web page. Ideally, it’s the first visual to be seen and represents a strong indication of the site’s content.

  1. Typography

Artistic, creative, strong fonts are becoming popular when paired with simplistic, minimal designs. This effect can leave a strong impression on the user as the site appears personal and authentic.

  1. Animations/Videos

Animations and background videos can really enrich the user’s experience on your site, but they need to be done well, otherwise they can be purely a distraction. Moderation and simplistic is key if you decide to go down this road. Motion animations can add interest and bring attention to where it’s intended, while hover animations provide users with immediate responses.

  1. Scrolling

Websites consisting of a single, scrolling page rather than page-by-page navigation are becoming popular and are particularly mobile friendly.

  1. Fullscreen Forms

Large size forms encasing a full screen allow for simplicity and for users to focus on one individual screen.

  1. Duotone Colour Schemes

An exciting trend where only two visually appealing colours are used to produce a stunning effect.

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