Yakult drink cover photo

Word Of Mouth Agency was contacted by Yakult to create a custom 3D Yakult Man Instagram AR Filter which consisted of animation, design, and testing to create brand awareness through Instagram Story promotion. The Yakult Man Filter can be placed on your screen and sized to make him appear wherever you like!

Yakult is a fermented milk drink that contains a very high concentration of the unique bacterium Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain. Named after Dr Shirota who first discovered this unique strain in 1930, each 65ml bottle contains 6.5 billion of these highly acid-resistant bacteria, exclusive to Yakult. 


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Our Services

Needing a custom Instagram AR Filter to help increase brand awareness among the younger generation, Word Of Mouth Agency collaborated with Yakult Australia to bring their mascot ‘Yakult Man’ to life.

Yakult already had a strict style guide and design for their mascot. Our graphic design and web teams worked together to recreate Yakult Man in 3D (based on supplied photo and illustration references), animate him, and then built a custom filter from scratch that allowed him to be placed and moved.

Building and animating him in Spark AR and then submitting the filter to Instagram for review and approval, Yakult Man was ready to be re-introduced to the world!

The Outcome

The idea behind the filter would be to tap your phone screen and place him, however, we had to slightly adjust the first idea slightly to ensure the best functionality and usability in Spark AR.

Originally, he was meant to stand on someone’s shoulders, but through troubleshooting different body shapes, it was concluded the best option for reliability would be to have him be placed on the screen wherever tapped.

Yakult Man is currently available to use as a filter on Instagram and was successfully launched at an event to help promote brand awareness.