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Word Of Mouth Agency began working with Zestee in November 2021 to launch their brand from the ground up. We provided a combination of services such as Market and Competitor Research, TikTok Creation, Social Media Management, Influencer Campaigns, Content Creation, Graphic Design, and Digital Marketing.

Zestee is a brand-new USB portable blender with a luxurious design that makes it stand out from its competitors. With a sturdy stainless steel base, 450ml premium borosilicate glass cup, and 6 stainless steel blades the Zestee Portable Blender is functional yet sleek and stylish, with the ability to provide up to 20 blends on a full charge and then recharge via any USB device.


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Our Services

Our social media team worked alongside Zestee to introduce their brand through social media (Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok), influencer marketing, graphic design, and content creation. We planned and staged multiple professional photoshoots and filming sessions to focus on portability, usability, and aesthetics.

Working with influencers allowed Zestee to reach a range of audiences, and through this, Zestee collected vital customer feedback on the product that was used to determine how we promoted the product moving forward.

After a few months, our digital marketing team reviewed all feedback and conducted a thorough market review and competitor analysis, and created a new long-term marketing goal with an updated target audience. From there, we created paid social media advertisements focusing on brand awareness and sales.

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The Outcome

The content creation (photoshoots and video production) was used across the Zestee website and on social media, cementing their brand identity as a more luxurious portable blender compared to competitors. This helped Zestee stand out in the growing market, despite its higher price range.

Zestee were able to identify a clear target audience and through our paid social media advertising, raised their sales by 300% in the first two months compared to organic sales. When we started with Zestee, they had just 27 followers and as of January 2023, they are at 2,000 and growing – a 7307% increase!

In 2023, we are continuing our work and beginning the next phase of their journey – becoming available in physical stores across Australia.

Zestee blenders
Zestee blenders
Zestee blenders